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It’s a love lockdown. 

Living together can be a blessing in disguise in various ways, especially when you’re stuck indoors with just each other since the pandemic hits. It’s all about compromising, making adjustments and lifting each other through the good and bad. Have you ever thought about whether things have changed for you and your partner during the lockdown? What can you do to make things spark in the household when all you’ve got is each other’s companion? We spoke to six couples who shared their insightful stories and helpful tips on surviving the lockdown together so far. 

Juwei Teoh, Content Creator

“It’s always important to have someone that can cook in the house, but having great communication and planning out activities are a major plus too. Having a schedule to separate work and entertainment are part of it, so you can smoothly plan your day out with each other. We manage our time pretty well since he goes to the office in the day, so we do our things separately until he gets home.”

(Image credit: Juwei Teoh)

Ili Sulaiman, Chef 

“My husband and I will plan an activity outside of our normal day-to-day routine together, whether it’s working out, cleaning, indoor gardening or cultivating our sourdough starter and making bread together. I feel it’s important because it gets us away from our tasks. Since we work from home and are constantly on our devices, having the ‘no gadget’ rule during our meals is crucial to connect. I’d say that we are pretty good at keeping a home together and found our flow. I’m a morning riser while he’s a night owl, so we overlap during the day knowing what needs to be done on our part to keep our household in order. It just balances it out.” 

(Image credit: Ili Sulaiman)

Nana Al-Haleq, Wellness Coach

“Spend as much time as possible to explore new recipes, cooking and cleaning together. Also, try new activities such as dancing, doing tons of TikTok videos together, board games, or declutter your home. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, for us, good memories aren’t measured by how big or elaborate the celebrations are. It’s all about having each other and this is the perfect time for all couples out there to get to know each other on a different level. Whether it’s through communication, interactions, or exploring new activities together at home.”

(Image credit: Nana Al-Haleq)

Shakira Idora, Content Creator and Entrepreneur

“We find that cooking together helps. Once we decide on a menu, the journey to the grocery store and coming back home to cook is a delight for us. Having movie nights every other night is a must as well, especially when we get to revisit our all-time favourites. While it’s always great to spend time with each other, prioritising on your alone time is an essential. The best part about running your own business (OkGo store) is that you can set your own deadline, so we always get work done during the day.” 

(Image credit: Shakira Idora)

Natalie Prabha, Model

“As an introverted couple, it’s been pretty easy for Roshan and I during the lockdown. We allocate time for each other by working out together, cooking, doing chores and binge-watching on Netflix. Our best tip is to have shows/movie planned, so you don’t waste time deciding on what to watch. He’s usually in charge of this because I’m always ‘good with anything’. We manage our time by sharing our schedule for the day/week, but we’re always kacau-ing and checking in on each other all day to gain attention from one another. Once the sun sets, it’s pretty much time for ourselves.” 

(Image credit: Roshan Menon)

Venice Min, Content Creator

“Respecting each other’s space and time together are the first few steps to surviving a lockdown together. It’s like having your own ‘me time’, even though you live together. Divide the house chores equally because dating and living together are two completely different things. As a couple, we are a strong believer in gender equality, so we split our tasks from cooking to cleaning. Be sure to do something that you can enjoy together; during the day we’ll be working and towards night time, we will have our little pillow talks and movie nights. And because times are hard, it’s good to constantly give words of encouragement to each other.” 

(Image credit: Venice Min)

Hero & Featured image credit: Unsplash / Soroush Karimi

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