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B Quenched cream and Ultimate A+ cream reviewed by Nicola McLean

Skincare that works; it’s a simple concept, yet hard to come by. Brand E.S.K brings this to life by relying on published scientific studies, alongside the core principles of efficacy, simplicity and integrity. The range is cruelty-free, uses no harmful chemicals or perfumes, and is designed to deliver beautiful skin without the marketing spin.

In the morning I applied two pumps of the B Quenched cream, rich in vitamin B3 and hemp seed oil, to deeply hydrate and revive my somewhat dull and dry skin. This product is particularly great for those with rosacea or sensitive skin, as it has a remarkable calming effect.

In the evenings, I applied the Ultimate A+ cream, which has retinal as its active ingredient; this vitamin A derivative is 20 times more effective than traditional over-the-counter retinol, promoting the stimulation of collagen, regulating skin and improving skin barrier function. This is suitable for men, people with acne-prone skin and for those seeking an advanced effect; in short, it’s ideal for everyone seeking their healthiest skin yet.

E.S.K results

When combined with B Quenched in the morning it only took four days for my skin to look noticeably plumper and to shine with that ‘healthy glow’ A-list celebrities claim comes from juice cleanses and regular facials. E.S.K delivers this, with no gimmicks – just honest skincare solutions.

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