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Whenever I clashed with my parents while growing up as a teenager in the ‘90s, I used to think that this generation gap thing was just a convenient excuse invented by adults who wilfully refused to listen to anything beyond the Beatles, Lionel Richie and the sound of their own voice.

How was it possible, Teenage Me would fume, that age could make people this illogical and out of touch?

Several decades would pass before I was first hit by the revelation that the generation gap was far from a made-up concept. Around the mid-2010s, having already jumped on the Instagram bandwagon for a few years, I was confronted with the fact that Snapchat, a platform launched a year after Instagram, was the virtual place to be instead.

“I was genuinely mystified by the appeal of Snapchat, just like I had never understood curling as a sport or people who rough it on holiday”

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