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  1. Seamless online shopping propels sales beyond holidays: Coresight
  2. Technology is paramount to reaching the next generation: report
  3. Sotheby’s, Net-A-Porter partner for New York Luxury Week
  4. Day’s wrap: Burberry, McLaren, Sotheby’s, Capri Holdings and Vacheron Constantin
  5. Burberry enters rental game with My Wardrobe HQ
  6. Vacheron Constantin opens sensory pop art exhibition
  7. Tiffany & Co. breaks all its own rules in lively new film
  8. Audi offers vision of progress in Janelle Monáe campaign
  9. Sotheby’s welcomes Louis Vuitton, Supreme as streetwear sustains momentum
  10. Fendi digitizes winter capsule with Drest mobile app