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The treatment, known simply, grandly, as The Cure, involves four different filing processes – including an electric drill that whirrs into action with 3000 rotations a second with a diamond dust file attached to it. ‘Women like diamonds,’ he says with a twinkle.

It is a once in a lifetime treatment. And yet still, the rich clamour for regular appointments. 

It’s a case of catch Bastein if you can – and most can’t, since he jets off (at least pre-pandemic) every few days to tend to the toes and woes of the rich. 

In Singapore he’s ushered to the VIP customs desk, passport stamped and Bentley waiting at arrivals to chauffeur him to a private house. You can’t hardly get him at his clinic in New York; he’s seeing his celebrity clients. Or he’s stopping by at one of his 20 studios worldwide.

In Hyde Park, he has a full time team of ‘mini Bastiens’ permanently installed and quietly performing little miracles on their feet.

‘There are 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles in the foot,’ says Bastien, holding mine aloft and flexing the toes to demonstrate. The idea is to treat the whole foot and its adjoining tendons – through massage, filing, buffing, fine-tuning with a scalpel.