On COVID Messaging, It’s Time Government Treated Us Like Adults

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Commentary In the long, strange saga of Canadian governments’ response to COVID-19, one of the strangest crept by last weekend. Asked what difference getting vaccinated would make to our medical risks and severely impaired liberties, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said she had no idea but would have a really good one soon. It’s not strange that she had no idea. Some are born inept, some achieve ineptitude, and some have it thrust upon them. And Hajdu inherited a ministry whose normal business is pretending the slow-motion disaster of socialized medicine isn’t happening, and when a crisis erupted she stole some deer’s headlights and kept them. Possibly given SNC-Lavalin, Justin Trudeau didn’t want to fire another female cabinet minister in case it was still 2015. But you’d think by now the PMO would have fitted her with a mask that filters sound. Unfortunately, if she’s health minister you sometimes have to …

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