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Rally racing plays an important role in automotive and motorsport history, as some of the high horsepower vehicles we see today became inspired by cars from the rally circuits. Classified as some of the most dangerous racing, the sport continues to be a celebrated event by fans all around the world. Rally Mexico is one of the most popular events. Racers compete at 2700 meters, cutting the maximum output of each car by 20%. The event is celebrated by watch manufacture Omologato in the form of a well-design chronograph. The Rally Mexico Chronograph is a special edition release limited to 200 examples of the 42mm stainless-steel timepiece. The simplistic design focuses on the watch being a tool, as it was and still is for racers of all kinds. The black and blue design is presented throughout the dial and into the leather strap. The limited-edition Rally Mexico Chronograph by Omologato is currently available for $213.89 through the company’s website.

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