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Winter is upon us. The annual question of whether or not to invest in a new winter coat, and if so which one, is here. There’s the usual weigh up of practicality, style, and versatility, but for those of us in the North expecting to spend most of the winter in lockdown with time outdoors reduced to a daily stroll or walk to the store, the question of which jacket to go for swings in favor of the practical. And by practical, we mean warm.

Wool, merino, and layering are great options to keep you insulted, but in sub-zero temperatures, nothing cuts in quite like a puffer. When it comes to puffers, few do it better than Moncler.

Moncler’s puffer jackets are its signature. Designed for fashion-conscious skiers and made cool by the Paninaro crews in the ’80s, Moncler’s puffers helped it achieve the cult-luxe status it has today. So, if it’s warmth you’re after with just a touch of Italian flair, take your pick from our favorite Moncler jackets below.

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