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thailand face mask mandate requirement

Good morning Bangkokians, are you still wearing your mask? The mask mandate for Thailand was lifted last night, after the news had been published in the Royal Gazette.

It is no longer a requirement for people to wear masks when outdoors. Those with respiratory diseases, and those who wish to continue wearing a mask for personal reasons, may continue to do so. The Ministry of Health also advises that people still wear masks especially in crowded, poorly ventilated areas, and where social distancing is not feasible.

[Featured Image Credit: Tam Wai/Unsplash]

Thailand removes mask mandate

thailand mask mandate face mask requirement

The move to remove the mask mandate comes as a hot topic in recent weeks, as countries across the world have dropped the face mask requirement, and airlines too have dropped its obligation on international flights.

As Thailand goes towards classifying Covid-19 as endemic, and easing various travel and living restrictions, it is a welcomed move for many. It is to be followed by the removal of the Thailand Pass requirement for international travellers from 1 July, and the extension of nightlife venue operating hours.

As travel to Thailand picks up again, it is likely these decisions are also designed to aid the significant tourism industry in Thailand. Private businesses, like transportation and retail, will be able to apply their own mask-wearing rules.

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