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Eleonora Lastrucci chose Rome, the Eternal City to present the new collection.

In fact, the fashion show that once again focuses on the exclusivity of Italian Haute Couture took place on Sunday 28 February.

Haute Couture is still considered an exclusive and elitist fashion today

Says the stylist

My clothes are all handmade and there is great attention to the use of materials and production techniques.

Couture exists because it still represents true luxury: it is the luxury of someone who takes care of a dress, someone who spends their days creating something that not only enhances beauty, but also makes the wearer feel good

In fact, the Haute Couture dresses presented by Eleonora Lastrucci are made to measure for the customer who orders them and are hand-sewn with precious materials.

Antonella Salvucci alla presentazione della nuova collezione della stilsta Eleonora Lastrucci agli studi televisivi GoldTv. Roma (Italia), 28 Febbraio, 2021

Sometimes it can take a few hundred hours of work to make a dress, the clothes are embroidered entirely by hand and every detail is meticulously checked.

The well-elaborated design passes from the hands of the seamstresses, “les petites mains” (the little hands).

This “black” collection enhances femininity, romantic details in contrast with clean and graphic silhouettes, which create a modern elegance, balanced with sober lines, for a sexy and seductive woman.

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars romaeleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

The stylistic choice focuses on timeless garments, which do not have a precise temporal connotation and can always be worn.

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars romaeleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

In this “new” time, projected towards idealized horizons, it is necessary to live the possible life, yet within as many new canons of an unreality from which to draw inspiration. The models, their poses, colors and fabrics to measure worn, constitute the paradigm of this uncertain motion.

The show was opened by Jessica Antonini accompanied by Davide Lo Russo, with a large gold dress, inlaid with geometric squares, the shoulders covered by a hooded cape.

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

Gold and black are the predominant colors that move the train from an icy silhouette, and discover the signs of the tattooed skin of those who demonstrate elegance but an sweetness.

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

The finale saw the charming Debora Caprioglio, in a golden lace dress intertwined with dark silk threads, sensual Antonella Salvucci in a pink laminated dress and sexy Monica Vallerini in a silver and black lurex dress.

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

eleonora lastrucci no dark no stars roma

The combination of high jewelery on the contrasts of the clothes showed charm and personality, thanks to the collaboration with Cornier1757, which combines Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Francesca Alotta, dressed in sequined red, sings “don’t love me” giving the fashion presentation a touch of suggestive atmosphere.

The event will be broadcast on Saturday 6 March on odeonTV 24 at 9 pm; FACES television program produced and conceived by the CR65 events by Cesare Romano and Camelia Birlan.

present Barbara Castellani in black outfit by Eleonora Lastrucci and Giovanni Cipo.

Hair style: Michele Spanó and Giovanni Graziani

Makeup artist: Jonathan Tabacchiera

Photo Massimo Insabato Mondadori Portfolio gettyimmages

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