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Diego Lopez Calvin/Prime Video


The English (11 November)

Emily Blunt, who previously played Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria is returning to the realm of period drama and the aristocracy, in her new project, The English, in which she stars as the blue-blooded Lady Cornelia Locke. Set in the American west during the late 19th century, the series follows Cornelia as she sets out on a journey to avenge the murder of her son, accompanied by ex-cavalry scout, Eli Whipp, played by Chaske Spencer. As the two journey across the midwest, it soon transpires that Whipp has a preconceived mistrust of ‘the English’, a term used to refer to American settlers regardless of their country of origin. Rising tensions between the two and the threat of possible danger quickly begin to test their limits. Blunt is certainly a long way from the glamorous corridors of Runway, the fictional magazine at the heart of The Devil Wears Prada, in this epic drama of ‘love and revenge’.