Nike’s data-driven Every Stitch Considered collection is anything but basic

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Between the thousand-dollar sweaters of The Row and Uniqlo’s Jil Sander collaboration, it’s safe to say that you have plenty of options when it comes to curating a timeless wardrobe.

But not all basics are made equal, and “basic” would surely be the last word you would use to describe Nike’s new Every Stitch Considered collection once you look beyond the surface.

On first impression, the capsule is made for the everyday, comprising casual pieces for him and her, sometimes both. Think monochromatic T-shirts, jogger pants, knit hoodies, and anything else that you can stuff under the very trendy “athleisure” umbrella.

Obviously, these are easy enough to style — but just as easy enough to move in. That’s because the Every Stitch Considered collection was made exactly the way its name describes. Nike’s Design Exploration team, which aims to push creativity in sportswear design beyond what we’ve already seen, crafted the collection out of decades of sports science research, including athlete data and studies of the body in motion. (We’re talking Nike, after all.)

That means the clothes, especially designed for those who lead active lifestyles, relate to its wearers like Nike’s sportswear apparel does: optimally. Athletes will no doubt appreciate how the hem of Nike’s “Sneaker Pants” sits right above the heel tabs of their favourite Air Force 1s, or how comfortable it is to pull on the brand’s cashmere merino wool blend sweater after a gruelling session at the gym.

In terms of function, the Every Stitch Considered collection has all its bases covered. As for form? Nike nails that too with its use of “old-world Italian craftsmanship”, the kind that you would find in the vintage clothing that are so sought after today because of their longevity. Nike’s new T-shirts are nothing like the ones from your favourite fast fashion brand.

Ultimately, these two aspects are what “sets these garments apart as distinct, timeless articles,” according to Kurt Parker, Nike’s Vice President of Apparel Design. Of course, with all the consideration that went into the collection, it’s not surprising that the technical pieces are priced steeply. A logo T-shirt is available for US$120 (S$161.55), while the most expensive pieces — the as yet unreleased “2-in-1” coats and jackets — are US$2,500 (S$3,365.72) each.

If that’s way out of your budget, there’s always Uniqlo U.

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