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wedding ring trends 2022

Since the beginning of time, wedding rings have been a symbol of commitment, and many people have been embracing the trends ever since. These wedding rings manifest the love between two people and the choice of spending the rest of their lives together.

But wedding trends vary from time to time, with most people opting for something significant and personal. As a result, you may need to take the time to go through different trends and create a list of pros and cons to help you narrow down your choices and come up with the right decision.

If you’re looking for the latest wedding ring anytime soon, here’s a list of the trending types of wedding rings this year:

Ethical Wedding Rings

For the longest time, most diamonds have had a bad reputation, with many being sourced from war-torn countries. When most people started to understand what goes into mining diamonds, including exploitation of workers and abusive work environment, people chose to stop patronizing it, which prompted the shift to other choices.

Ethical wedding rings can be traced back to the source, and you can be guaranteed that the origin of your ring is clean and reliable. Lab-grown diamonds are a great example of ethically made rings with the same chemical and physical components as naturally occurring diamonds.

In addition, by getting lab-grown diamonds, you’ll be saving a lot of money. You’ll also have alternatives at your disposal, making it easier to find something that fits your style and personality.

And since sourcing diamond rings have a major effect on the environment, you can avoid that by choosing ethical and eco-friendly wedding rings such as lab-grown diamonds.

Coloured Stones

Although diamonds have always been a favourite among many brides, coloured stones started to take its fair share of fanatics. Most Millennials are starting to embrace coloured gems as they come in different hues, making it easier to find something that matches their personality.

In addition, these stones have been priced lower, making them affordable and accessible to most people. They may also be paired with diamonds, making them versatile.


Sapphires are gemstones devoted to love and faithfulness, making it a growing trend in 2022. It exudes elegance, and it’s naturally formed in different beautiful hues. Sapphires are durable and can stand the test of time.

They are also more affordable and can be a great additional asset as they hold a lot of value. It provides versatility and carries different significance in couples’ lives.

Clustered Stones

Most brides who aim for extra sophistication tend to go for clustered stones to maximize the sparkle. Multi-stone rings tend to have three or more stones set into one band and arranged asymmetrically.

This trend gives brides a chance to showcase different stones they love in one setting. They get to experiment with different hues and designs that bring out their style and complement their preferences.

Oval Shaped Stones

wedding ring trends 2022, oval shaped stones

Oval-shaped stones have become a personal favourite for most brides. It has an elongated and symmetrical shape with a great surface area that gives the illusion of being larger. Furthermore, oval cut diamonds are less expensive per carat than round diamonds.

Its cut designs can hide any inclusions making the clarity impeccable compared to most other cuts. Moreover, brides also choose to have a yellow tint or a colourless tint for this type of wedding ring.

Vintage Designs

Vintage rings may come in different and unique designs that are guaranteed to stand out. The rings may contain different elements that can’t be found in contemporary designs, making them a unique and preferred choice.

Most brides tend to enjoy their contemporary characteristics and classic style. In addition, vintage designs also come with an assortment of gemstones, making them perfect for every personality.

Bezel Setting

wedding ring trends 2022

The bezel setting offers more security for the gemstone than another band setting. Most brides with active lifestyles and careers prefer this setting as the gemstone won’t fall off quickly.

More so, it doesn’t snag on clothing compared to other gemstone settings, and the progs won’t become damaged. It also protects the diamond from damage and may hide visual flaws.

Toi Et Moi Wedding Rings

Due to its significance, this wedding ring trend has risen and will keep rising in 2022. It symbolizes unity as it’s set with two equal-sized precious stones that show the love between two people.

wedding ring trends 2022

Bottom Line

Trends hardly remain constant, and since you only get your wedding ring once in a while, it’s prudent always to choose right. Before settling on a wedding ring, do your research and outline your preferences.

You may go for a timeless trend or for the latest one, regardless of your preference, just keep in mind what wedding rings stand for with regards to your union with the one you want to spend your whole life with.

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