New trend alert: Ugly sandals for your weekend stroll

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It’s time to air out those feets and embrace more colours with these trendy sandals.

They were most commonly found on the feet of trekkers and hikers, and those who needed all-terrain safe shoes. They had to be water-resistant, and provide support in rocky situations. As of late, however, they mainly need to look good with a cutesy pedicure.

“Ugly” sandals: they’ve graduated from trekking shoes to tourist favourite to Dad attire, and have now become an absolute fashion must-have. Even big luxury brands like Chanel have picked up on the flat strappy sandal trend, unveiling their own renditions of what was formerly dubbed too “ugly” to be fashionable.

We love it when tables turn this way.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Teva]

Of course, as more and more Bangkokians began to sport the trend, we couldn’t help but be intrigued. The world of these sandals is actually massive. Of course, you have your sporty and reliable structure, but there’s also a vast range of materials, designs, and embellishments to explore. What’s more, upon wearing a pair for at least a weekend, we realised that there’s something very timely about this trend.

“Ugly” sandals are awkwardly stylish. They’re easy to wear. They’re no real fuss. They’re comfortable, and they’re versatile. Maybe you go on a spontaneous road trip to Pranburi on the weekend. Maybe you just go grocery shopping. Ugly sandals feel like the perfect shoe for many of the new (normal) activities we get up to lately. Much like beaded jewellery, they’re the light-hearted and carefree energy we need during these times.

It’s Covid out there, man. Let us have the ugly sandals. Shop our current favourites below.

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