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This hand-engraved sterling silver fountain pen is adorned with motifs symbolising luck and happiness.

Writing instruments are not the most common items one would easily splurge on since they are not commonly appreciated that way. But if you are someone who does like something meaningful, worthy to keep for future generations and are connected to the Year of the Rabbit in some way, this fountain pen is something you will want to read about.

Ushering in Lunar New Years annually since 2015, Montblanc Signs & Symbols tells the stories of the zodiac signs that once originated in the world of myths and legends and continues to influence Eastern culture today. Showcasing the skill and artistry of Montblanc craftsmanship, Signs & Symbols presents the “The Legend of Zodiacs”, a writing instrument inspired by the zodiac sign of the year to come — crafted from hand-engraved sterling silver and customised in design, materials and meaning to honour the ancient symbols the writing instrument is inspired by, this year welcomes the exquisite Legend of Zodiacs The Rabbit Limited Edition 512 to the collection.

At a glance, the striking cap of the fountain pen is drawn from Ag 925 sterling silver and decorated with a hand-engraved rabbit — symbolising alertness and action with its upright stance. The osmanthus tree engraved next to the rabbit represents the promise of a successful career, while the cabbage and radish, as the rabbit’s main foods, are intended to symbolise wealth. The mountain that is sketched into the background is a metaphor for the highest protection, and together the image equips one with all that is lucky to set the new year off to a great start.

Contrasting the cap is a rose gold-coated barrel decorated with an engraved abstract pattern of “lucky clouds” that symbolise luck and happiness, while the cone is set with a radiant pearl — the birthstone of the rabbit sign.

At the tip of the cap, the current year of the rabbit, 2023, is engraved on the cap ring alongside the six previous years of the rabbit. The precious Au 750 solid rose gold nib of the writing instrument is then finished off with a delicately engraved representation of the rabbit, crowned with the signature Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl.

This article first appeared on Men’s Folio.

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