Missing Passenger Aircraft Returns After 37 Years–This Is What Happened Next

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The year was 1955. The captain of Pan American Airways Flight 914 had just greeted the 57 passengers he had on board. In their seats, giddy vacationers and travelers excitedly awaited their landing in sunny Miami. Three hours pass. They look out the window: no palm trees or pristine beaches.

The place they reached was not Florida. And it wasn’t 1955 anymore. What would you do if you went for a vacation and landed in another country altogether? Adventure-seekers might enjoy the unexpected detour. But this would leave any normal person scratching their head, especially when told they’d been traveling for 37 years.


The Flight That Was Lost In Space And Time

On July 2, 1955, Flight 914 left the airport in New York to make its way down to Miami, Florida. It was a fine day with calm weather. Not at all the kind of conditions that airplanes typically get lost in. But somewhere along the 1,096-mile route that the plane took, it simply disappeared.

It took with it the 61 people (passengers and crew members included) it had on board and seemingly blinked out of existence. It was as if the aircraft simply got lost in space and time, especially considering when and where it turned up next. As expected, the incident raised alarms among authorities.

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