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Thai rapper Milli showed us exactly how a superstar caps off a successful Coachella performance: with a bowl of mango sticky rice, of course.

Thai rapper Milli’s performance at Coachella 2022 has resulted in search trends for ‘mango sticky rice’ seeing a surge.

Ever since Milli delivered an iconic performance where Thai dessert mango sticky rice was her co-star, search trends for ‘mango sticky rice’ have witnessed a surge, according to Google Trends. Thais have always appreciated the heavenly sweet dish that is mango sticky rice, and now, the world will, too.

Unless you’ve sworn off social media, chances are you’ve seen or heard of the ingenious performance by Thai rapper Milli at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022. The teenage rap sensation dominated the ‘Coachella Stage’ with her witty lyrics, bomb-ass outfit and, of course, concluding her performance by eating a bowl of mango sticky rice in the coolest way the world has ever seen.

Some Mango Sticky Rice, Please:

Whilst viral content presents meme opportunities for netizens, viral content presents marketing opportunities for companies. Case in point, following Milli’s performance, numerous brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon of incorporating mango sticky rice into their real-time marketing efforts. Dairy Queen, Bar-B-Q-Plaza, and Tops Supermarket, to name a few. 

It’s safe to say that the 19-year-old Danupha ‘Milli’ Khanatheerakul has made history and has set a precedent for future Thai artists. The moment even inspired Thailand to nominate mango sticky rice for UNESCO’s heritage list.

Milli redefined stage presence, and we are here for it. We salute her for using her stardom to promote Thai culture, and, of course, for rocking the stage with a bowl of mango sticky rice in hand.

Hero and featured image credit: @phuckitol/Instagram

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