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The Reubens are fiercely private

As mentioned, this is the first interview handsome Jamie has given in a decade. ‘I think that’s an approach that has worked well for us,’ he suggests. Simon Reuben, 78 and Jamie’s uncle, reportedly last gave an interview with the Times 16 years ago. ‘It goes against all my instincts to talk to a journalist,’ he apparently said, and hasn’t spoken to a reporter since.

Jamie Reuben is the woke antidote to his father and uncle’s more ‘traditional’ way of doing things

If the Reuben brothers came to Britain in the 1950s from India and began their working life dealing in scrap metal; then Jamie Reuben is the millennial, next generation, hard-grafting equivalent. The article chronicles his investment in startups; from eco-homes in Mayfair to combat the housing crisis to vegan restaurants that make their pizza bases of cauliflower.

Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice

The New Digital Age book launch party

He wants to bring a younger, more creative type to Mayfair

He fears that the whole central London plot has become a bit ‘stale’; ‘a bit finance orientated’ is how he describes it in the interview. The illustrious likes of Claridge’s, Grosvenor House and the Connaught need a little youthful revitalisation is what he seems to suggest. He has plans to build a hotel on Grosvenor Square, the former site of the American Embassy, something for a ‘creative, vibrant and younger audience. We’re not going to have stiff boardrooms and stiff restaurants. It’s going to be fun. It’s gonna be quirky,’ he explained.

Nico Jackson, Pippa Middleton and Hugh Van Cutsem

Property wise, he is working on the Piccadilly Estate

‘It will be a contemporary British country house oasis in the middle of Mayfair,’ he explained. He also plans to call it Cambridge House, the name it acquired when it was home to the Duke of Cambridge, a son of George III, in the 18th century. (They joke that the current duke could be the man to open it.)

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