Make the perfect cup of coffee with the De’Longhi La Specialista machine

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Coffee is the first thing most folks think about when they wake up.

If you’re a true coffee drinker, it doesn’t matter where you need to be or what you have on your schedule—you want a solid brew and you want it now.

Maybe you have a go-to shop nearby for a reliable cup, but there’s joy in making your own — because no one can agree on the specifications of the best coffee. At home, you can tinker around with beans, grinding, ratios and pour techniques for a brew that ticks all your boxes. Plus, the aroma that fills your space can make you feel a little bit closer to chipper in the morning.

Savouring a brew that is made just the way you like it is one of life’s greatest luxuries, and a machine like the La Specialista by De’Longhi gives you complete control over your coffee, from grinding to tamping and brewing. Be it a single or double espresso, long coffee, flat white, or an Americano, there is little this monster of a coffee maker can’t do. And how can you go wrong with its gorgeous retro-cool look?

A stellar java is all about balancing the variables. Brewing is an art, really, and the La Specialista has an impressive range of settings to help you nail perfection in a cup with minimal effort. The in-built grinder comes with six modes — from fine to coarse — as well as intelligent sensors that automatically adjust grinding time for a consistent, optimal dose. It also lets you know when it’s time to top up beans. With your coffee ground, simply pull the lever to tamp. The smart tamping system has a precise pressure, so you don’t have to worry about inconsistency. Also, no mess!


When it comes to extraction and milk prep, the machine is equipped with two separate heating systems with precise temperature control, so there’s no waiting time between brewing espresso and steaming milk. Speaking of milk, the Advanced Latte System makes crafting the perfect cappuccino as easy as switching a tab: select “flat” to steam and “foam” for frothing.

As with most appliances, regular cleaning and maintenance work will prolong its lifespan. Spills and stains can be easily wiped off its shiny exteriors, and there’s a “rinse” function that runs hot water through the brewing unit and steam wand to purge pesky minerals lodged within. The La Specialista also has multiple detachable components for fuss-free washing, as well as a descaling prompt for when it’s due for a service.

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The La Specialista provides endless possibilities to your coffee with its array of customisation options, which means you’ll spend some time playing chemist to get a brew that’s just right for you. But hey, that’s all part of the fun. Don’t know where or how to start? Make an online appointment with De’Longhi’s coffee specialist for demos and advice. How-to videos are also available on the brand’s YouTube channel should you need some guidance setting up, deciphering the control panel and more. If you’re rushing for time, there are pre-set recipes for a single or double espresso, long coffee and Americano for a delicious fuss-free home brew.

Shop De’Longhi’s La Specialista here.

(All images: De’Longhi)

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