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There’s a lot that goes on in The Serpent, the new Netflix series that follows a real-life serial killer who left a trail of dead hippies along South Asia in the 1970s.

But gruesome murders aside, we can’t help but be in awe of the era’s sense of style, as embodied by actress Jenna Coleman on the show: the silk scarves, the psychedelic prints, the flared suits and, of course, the sunglasses.

The decade of disco was obsessed with their eye-catching eyewear. Recall the dark-rimmed glasses that became a signature of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, or the tinted, wire-rimmed aviators that feminist activist Gloria Steinem was never seen without. Bianca Jagger was sporting sunglasses indoors before Kanye West made it a thing, famously pairing her gowns and suits with Ray-Bans. And perhaps nobody worked oversized sunglasses, in all their shapes and shades, as fervently as America’s former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.

You get the point: big shades were a big deal. Or are, now that ’70s fashion is making a comeback yet again. (Fashion search engine Lyst credits the renewed interest to The Serpent, but the likes of Gucci, Celine and Chloé have been referencing the era’s slinky styles for seasons now.)

If you’re looking to nail the trend with all the glamour associated with the decade’s style icons, consider our selection of sunglasses to wear this Spring/Summer 2021.

Header photo credit: Netflix

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