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Studies show that Filipinos in Manila share more words of endearment daily than any other capital city.

When was the last time you said the words “I love you” to someone?

According to a study from the word search website Crossword Solver, for every 100,000 tweets coming from Manila, 1,246 of them contain words of endearment.

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The group gathered around 15 million geotagged tweets from all over the world that contained phrases like “love you,” “love u,” “<3 you,” as well as heart emojis followed by “you” or “u.”

Manila Is Named The ‘Most Loving’ Capital City In The World
Image via Crossword Solver

“Love is at the core of most families, and immediate and extended family are considered very important in Filipino culture,” the group said.

Along with the younger generation who often participate in hugot culture, sharing their feelings of love through quotes, music, and videos, it’s no wonder why Filipinos are so open to sharing these special words.

In a Gallup poll conducted in 2006 and 2007, results showed that 93% of Filipinos experienced feelings of love on a typical day, coming up at the top of the poll.

This love could come in any form. The familial love of a parent to their child. The romantic love between significant others. Platonic love shared between good friends. These are all worth celebrating.

Manila Is Named The ‘Most Loving’ Capital City In The World
Image via Gallup

Guatemala City, Luanda, Jakarta, and Mexico City follow Manila in the list of most loving capital cities.

Overall, Guatemala was found to be the “most loving country” in the world. They’re followed by Honduras, Bolivia, Panama, and South Korea in that order.

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, more loving words are sure to go around in the Philippines.

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