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200 Trunks 200 Visionaries Louis Vuitton exhibition singapore

To celebrate its founder’s bicentennial birthday, French high-end luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched an exhibition  of original and unique pieces that were created by 200 visionaries and friends of the Maison in Singapore.

While the collective tribute of 200 trunks, which includes BTS, Nigo and HYPEBEAST, kicked off its world tour in December 2021 in Asnières, near Paris, it will move to Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, New York and London throughout 2022.

This project is purely a philanthropic undertaking, as the artists have vowed to direct their fees entirely to 15 NGOs across 13 countries, with a mission to uplift the youth through their creative endeavours. So far, US$2.1 million has been raised. More so, all the trunks and derivatives will be sold under auction by Sotheby’s when the exhibition ends in December 2022.

Speaking about the initiative, Faye McLeod, Louis Vuitton’s visual image director, said, “This project has always been about creativity, a real tribute to Louis’ ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We get to see how such a cross-section of talents answered the same brief while also taking a moment to appreciate the man himself.”

Here’s what the Louis Vuitton exhibition in Singapore includes — dates, venue and more

About 200 Trunks 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition

200 Visions
Image Credit: Louise Vuitton

The visionaries come from various disciplines, including art, culture, science and sport, and humanitarian causes. They were invited to personalise the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk in the form of a metaphorical blank canvas measuring 50 x 50 x 100 cm.

As a result, this prestigious invitation brought 200 amazing transformations in the form of vessels “transmitting dreams and desires, abstract concepts and artistic expressions.”

The exhibition is categorised into two rooms. The first room acts as a link between the past and the present, with a checkerboard carpet housing the “Magic Malle” and LED screens, and representing the blank canvas of the 200 visionaries.

The trunks in the second space take you to the future. The creations are stacked on wooden boxes that are arranged at different heights.

LV’s 200 Visions then continues on the ground floor, creating a dreamy, visual experience in a secret room, which has British DJ and producer Benji B’s jukebox trunk with 200 peppy songs.

The sixth-generation descendent, Benoit-Louis Vuitton, will be visiting Singapore for its inaugural debut. The exhibition will be held at MBS Event Plaza from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm from 4-29 April. It is open to the public and is complimentary.

Regional High End Savoir Faire Event

Image Credit: Louise Vuitton

From 13 to 24 April, LV will also be showcasing hard-sided trunks at the Command House. This includes the launch of the new Vanity Mahjong Trunk, which will make its debut in Singapore, New Trunk for pets and the unveiling of the newest Objets Nomades designer pieces.

More so, a modernised version of the Neo Boite Main Montre watch trunk will also be seen among other collections at the event.

(Hero and Featured Image Credit: Frank Gehry/ Louis Vuitton)

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