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The woodlands have been unusually quiet and cheerless these past few months. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus that has swept across the world–and outside my home in the forest–the humans are nowhere to be seen outdoors, instead squirelled away from this pandemic indoors. 

The ones who do make it outdoors, are on a mission and not in the mood in 2020 to have a lie down during the glorious summer months near my burrow, nor do they come to take a stroll, hot chocolate in hand, as the winter chill has set in. Instead, life for this Nut has become rather solitary, bereft of both human company and the treats they tend to offer while taking a break outdoors. 

It’s hard to be immune to how much things have changed in under a year. What would be a time for cheery Christmas shopping and banter has instead turned into a grim time for my human friends, all of whom are desperate for some cheer in these troubled times.

It was a pleasant surprise when this creature then came across a new campaign from Oppo that sought to inject a silver lining in this dark cloud. Its new campaign for the launch of the new Reno4 lite handset in in Europe, seeks out moments of happy new news in an eminently forgettable 2020.  

Oppo unveiled its “Look for the good #LivelyTogether” a global campaign developed with FRED & FARID Los Angeles, to spread the brand’s positive spirit and connect closer to audiences in Eastern Europe. From academics, to little and big milestones, new hobbies and exploration, pets, relationships and even growing families, Ad Nut welcomes the warmth this campaign ushers in. 


Client: Oppo EEU

Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles

Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid

Creative Director: Nicolas Berthier

Junior Art Director: Bridget Callahan

Business Director: Nathan Smith, Jules Chaffiotte

Account Supervisor: Mariam Salcido

Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem

Senior Producer: Andy Caramanzana

Business Affairs: Michelle McKinney & Alex Lebosq

Production Company: Imposter

Director: Bob Jeusette

EP: Avtar Khalsa

Line Producer: Sara Bailin

Service Production Company: Limelite X Kinomoto

EP: Vlad Bolyelov

Producer: Nastia Ivashchuk

DP: Hugo Carlier / Anton Fursa

Production Designer: Alexey Velichko

Wardrobe: Marine Gabaut

Wardrobe assistant: Kostya Goncharuk

Hair/Makeup: Nataly Esmurzieva

Photographer: Michael Fedorak

Editorial: Cabin Edit

Managing Partner: Carr Schilling

EP: Adam Becht

Editor: Matt Schaff

Producer: Katy Lester

AE: Matt Simmons

Composer: Ali Helnwein

Audio Mix: Lime Studios

Finishing: Shape+Light

Lead Flame: Sarah Marikar

Flame Assist: Austin Lewis

VFX Producer: Arielle Weir

Executive Producer: Cara Lehr

Place of shoot: Kiev Ukraine

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