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As we count down to the most glamorous time of the year, get ready to primp for a marathon of festive get-togethers. To look your best without the stress, try ONLY Aesthetics’ Aureoled hair removal treatment.

An average of only five sessions at ONLY Aesthetics is all it takes to be permanently hair-free. The Aureoled treatment, exclusive to the brand, may require even fewer sessions for some; or slightly more for others, depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Aureoled uses a patented technology that destroys the follicles of your hair. Despite the high heat involved, it also uses a cold and numbing gun that eases the pain of having your follicles shocked. This makes for a less painful experience.

Focus Hair Follicle Targeting LED Technology destroys follicles in the deepest layer for even the finest or the most stubborn hair. Any stinging or biting sensations are normal for first-timers as hair is usually more dense then and more painful to remove.

This technology uses high energy levels to penetrate the follicles from the tip and down into the roots to weaken the former. Performing at high speed with the numbing handpiece, it minimises hot sensations. Areas with thinner skin, that are bruised or have darker pigments may feel sore or sensitive.

In comparison to IPL treatments that are not advised for the darker- skinned, the Aureoled is suitable for all skin colours. The results are quick. Within a few sessions, you’ll notice a slow rate of regrowth, along with a bonus side effect of soft and smooth skin. The Aureoled is also not just a quick way to get smooth and hairless skin before Christmas, but also offers zero radiation emission for women concerned about doing a Brazilian or underarm hair removal.

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This story first appeared in the Nov 2021 of Prestige Singapore.

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