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Brand: Loewe

Season: Fall/Winter 2021


Editor’s Notes: Loewe’s shape-shifting purse is an accessory for all occasions.

The brand’s pleated leather shoulder bag — a soft-sided cylindrical pouch — can be folded around the wrist and fastened to itself, a feat that transforms the accessory into a bracelet-purse hybrid.

Where was this bag when I was going through my clubbing phase? It would’ve been perfect for keeping my credit card, keys, and gum secure while leaving my hands free to text “where are u?” every ten minutes.

Though I’m no longer much of a partier, I always appreciate an accessory with a bit of Transformers-esque charm. Prada‘s Monolith boots with an AirPods case strapped to the side? Why not. CELINE‘s Trio Bag, featuring three detachable compartments? Absolutely. Feng Chen Wang‘s UGG boot-turned-sandal? Yas!

There’s something innately fun about modular fashion. The ability to experiment with a product, to customize it to one’s own liking, unlocks a kind of playfulness, an exuberance that Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson is able to infuse with sophistication.

The bendable bag is anchored by gold, logo-embossed discs at both ends. Both discs are constructed with sleek D-rings that can be attached using a gold carabiner, securing the bag around the wrist.

If you’re feeling more conventional, just pop on the detachable shoulder strap and sling the bag on your arm.

The possibilities are endless. Personally, I’d slip the bag onto my wrist for a stroll with my dog, or use it as a card carrier for running errands. And who knows — the next time I hit the dance floor, I’ll stash all my after-hours essentials in Loewe’s clever little design.

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