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Dolce & Gabbana’s latest pair of fragrances is an ode to the spirit of eternal love

Gracing our olfactory senses is the latest entry in Dolce & Gabbana’s acclaimed Light Blue fragrances, which was released last September 2021. Evoking the uncanny zest, warmth and sparkle of the Mediterranean coast, Light Blue Forever consists of a duo of refreshing fragrances for both him and her, an apt combination when it comes to encapsulating the spirit of eternal love in a bottle.

A whiff of the sea

Dolce & Gabbana places the next chapter of its Light Blue fragrances at the noses of two world-class perfumers of different formulating philosophies. The Light Blue Forever Pour Femme was crafted by no other than celebrated master perfumer Olivier Cresp, the creator of the original Light Blue Eau de Toilette. Cresp developed an exciting twist to the Light Blue Forever Pour Femme in evoking a sunny, sensual, and feminine fragrance resembling long summer days by the Mediterranean Sea. The fragrance begins with a duet of crisp Granny Smith apple and tangy Calabrian lemon top notes, extracted using the traditional “sfumatrice” technique. This then grows into a zesty combination of sun-drenched orange blossoms and white flowers and musk, and is finished off with a signature trail of Virginia cedar and cashmere woods.

“I think the new Light Blue Forever Pour Femme has added a new dimension that is more inclusive of different identities and multigenerational audiences. I think that the overall addictive sensation, shaped around warm and multisensorial notes, is more encompassing, without crossing into gourmand territory,” stated Cresp, whose veteran nose has developed many iconic Light Blue fragrances throughout the years.

The next chapter of the Light Blue Pour Homme story will be told by innovative perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu, who brings a novel approach to the Dolce & Gabbana trademark series. With a new interpretation of freshness for men, the Eau de Parfum blends intensity and light to create a scent that is both generous and addictive. Opening the fragrance is a duo of cold-pressed grapefruit zest and Italian bergamot that instantly transports the senses to the citrus groves of Capri. The fragrance then evolves with a note of invigorating violet leaf combined with the refreshing azure of ozonic accord. A woody base grounds the scent as magnetic white musks and earthy tropical vetiver sustains the fragrance’s allure, creating an irresistible and enduring sensuality in a sharp play of contrasts.

“Everything about it is new and special, to be honest, as it uses a combination of really distinctive captives and naturals at a high level. The formula creates a very special contrast of freshness versus sensual warmth, a contrast which you notice as soon as you spray it.” shared Maisondieu, who took inspiration from the Light Blue Universe’s three main pillars which are citrus notes, fresh aquatic marine notes, and woody notes.

Continuing the unmistakable legacy of the Light Blue fragrances is the duo’s bottles maintain the iconic silhouettes of the cult classics, which takes shape through the reinvention in drawing in the shades of radiant turquoise and luminous blue, as inspired from the sparkling hues of the Mediterranean. The duo of complimenting bottles are embellished with gleaming gold accents, evoking the dazzling Mediterranean sun rays as they shimmer on the waves.

Where the water touches the sky

As directed by Steven Brahms, this chapter of Light Blue Forever takes place in Capri before the soaring Faraglioni cliffs—an iconic setting of the campaign’s love story. Featuring Bianca Balti and David Gandy, this new chapter bathes the couple  in a trinity of charming atmosphere, shimmering light and turquoise waters; encapsulating the spirit of eternal love. The images, shot by the Morelli brothers, share this atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, capturing in time the cherished moments of everlasting forever love. 

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