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Last month, Lexxola embarked on the Global City Tour, taking its iconic frames across the world to unite its community.

No matter how often your wear sunglasses, if it all, they’ve become a synonym of confidence, with new shapes and colors constantly revolutionizing the way we view eyewear.

Lexxola has stayed at the forefront of this movement, shifting how sunglasses are perceived and marketed, working closely with its Gen-Z audience to build a global community.

Over the past month, Lexxola has gone from city to city to connect with its global community of creators, framing (no pun intended) its key styles against the backdrop of its biggest supporting cities. With pitstops in London and Los Angeles, the tour has encapsulated the brand’s youthful spirit and demonstrated the type of close connection that is reshaping the brand-to-consumer relationship.

For the final leg of the tour, the celebratory campaign finds itself in New York City.

New York City is as iconic as it gets, and as the home to the most Lexxola sunglasses in the world, is the perfect place to hit the home run and serve as a beacon for the brand’s first-ever sale event.

The Mega City Sale will run for a month, offering the most popular styles in the brand’s growing lineup for up to 60% off. Fan favorites like the Damien, Jordy, and Eva.

You can shop the Lexxola Mega City Sale online from November 4 to December 9.

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