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One palette. Multiple ways to shine.

Level Up Your Glow With These 8 Highlighter Palettes

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Oct 26, 2021

A good highlighter is like a good set of shapewear: It sculpts and enhances your features, without ever giving away that it’s there. And, just like lingerie, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula. Between the various formats (cream, liquid, and powder), extensive shade ranges, and numerous finishes (dewy, metallic, pearlescent, and glitter), there are endless options available, making finding your ideal highlighter feel a bit like a game of Goldilocks. You could experiment with dozens of different products, sure. We have a better solution: Highlighter palettes. 

With multiple shades and finishes in each kit, the best palettes let you double (and sometimes triple or quadruple) your highlighting options. Maybe you wake up feeling something a bit more neutral and luminescent, but by night, you’re craving a product with an eye-catching dose of color and shimmer. With a highlighter palette, you can achieve both without skipping a beat. Plus, like eyeshadow palettes, the shades in each set are designed to coordinate with one another, so you’ll never second guess layering or mixing and matching them to your heart’s content. They also make excellent holiday gifts (*wink, wink.*) 

We’ve rounded up our favorite picks below: a curated list of the best highlighter palettes to indulge your every glow preference and need.

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