Learn how to brew coffee like a professional at De’Longhi’s coffee lounge

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Coffee connoisseurs, it’s time to gather around.

We’ve heard of virtual concerts, gatherings and even drinking playgrounds; now a brand new concept by De’Longhi has entered the virtual space, that is their very own coffee lounge.

As we’re spending more time at home, our lifestyle and priorities start to shift. It could be the simplest things, such as your preference of having pour-over coffee instead of an instant one. Thus began the search of how to brew coffee the professional way at home. With De’Longhi’s online coffee lounge, it could be your one-stop platform to find out everything you need to know this perk-me-up beverage.

Understanding the depths of coffee and its ever-changing culture, De’Longhi strives to give readers the best and realest information every time. There are coffee articles, that feature anything from easy coffee 101 tips all the way to speciality bean knowledge content. Read up on coffee beans, on how and where they are harvested into the special blends you see today. Coffee machines play a huge part in brewing a good cup of coffee, so there are definitely guides to help you up your ante in coffee-making.

When you’ve done your basic research, it’s time to be more ‘hands on’ with the available workshops at the coffee lounge. De’Longhi offers live coffee sessions with experts and local roasters where you can partake to see how the experts do it. If you have questions, don’t be shy to contact Live Coffee Expert; where a De’Longhi coffee master will be available to answer your enquiries, which include advices on how to make full use of your coffee machine. You can easily purchase coffee machines and accessories on the same platform as well.

There’s more to the website than just articles and registering for online workshops. The Virtual Lounge is where you can take a virtual tour to learn all about coffee. There are four experience zones for you to discover; coffee tips, coffee taste profile quiz, roaster video and coffee brewing tips. After the tour, you can even sign up to their coffee experience session with the coffee expert (starting from end of July 2021).

How about rewards? Plenty. By registering, you get to enjoy coffee perks like VIP invites to special coffee events, receive up to 15% off roaster’s partner beans and De’Longhi E-shop welcome voucher to purchase your very own machine.

Visit De’Longhi’s online coffee lounge now.

Photos: De’Longhi Malaysia

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