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UGG x Tschabalala

Bringing back the 2000s, but with an artistic flair.

If there’s one footwear brand that screams Y2K fashion, it’s UGG. Often worn with jeans, yoga pants and Juicy Couture sweatsuits, the label’s fur-lined boots dominated the early 2000s, with everyone from celebrities down to your 12-year-old female classmate sporting a pair. With their popularity, and the resurgence of Y2K style, it’s no surprise they’re back in a big way in 2022.

As a part of its ongoing efforts to support artists, especially during the pandemic, UGG has partnered with Harlem-born artist Tschabalala Self in a collaboration that showcases her signature canvas-based mixed media aesthetic.

Adapting the iconic UGG silhouette, Self has added on beautiful, bold colours with stitched and layered details to create a product that is both distinctly Tschabalala and uniquely UGG.

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A Master’s graduate of Fine Art from Yale School of Art, Self is known for her cross-disciplinary artwork exploring ideas about the human body as a metaphysical force. Her past works have depicted Black female figures using paint, fabrics and discarded materials. Hailing the Black female body as an icon, she examines the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality and dives into collective fantasies surrounding the body.

Self, who has been a steady wearer of UGG boots since high school, explains that partnering with the brand felt natural. After all, fashion and art feed off of each other and are, in ways, extensions of each other.

Among the UGG x Tschabalala Self capsule collection, you’ll find reiterations of the classic suede UGG boots, lined with extra seams in both chestnut and ombre pink shades, as well as a bold diamond pattern.

For a different, feminised take, shop the high-heeled series available in black and red; and yellow and teal. Touted as a celebration of all things femme, the unique boot is made from premium suede and curly sheepskin for textural contrast.

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This is not the first time Self has worked with UGG. In 2021, she partnered with the brand for a Performa Biennial art performance piece, where she created bespoke outerwear and footwear worn by the performers. Some of these designs are still available in UGG’s ten-piece capsule collection.

The UGG x Tschabalala Self capsule collection is available online.

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