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The bird is now the science word at Keng Eng Kee Seafood (KEK), which will be cooking lab-grown chicken satay for the first time starting this Friday.

The Singapore zi char restaurant is teaming up with sustainable food brand Good Meat to serve their cultivated chicken to the public during a three-day pop-up starting on 20 May. Additionally, celebrity chef, cookbook author and Carnivore King, Francis Mallmann will be in attendance.

During the event, diners can order the cultivated chicken satay with cucumber slaw, peanut sauce, fried bee hoon and KEK signature tofu for S$13.80.

Good Meat cultivated chicken satay served with cucumber slaw, peanut sauce, Singapore bee hoon and KEK signature tofu (Image credit: Eat, Just. Inc.)

Cultivated meat is made from animal cells grown in a bioreactor. According to Eat Just, Inc., Good Meat’s San Francisco-based parent company, the cells are fed with nutrients including amino acids, fat and vitamins, similar to what is found in animal feed. No antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically-modified organisms are used during the process.

Once the cells are ready for harvesting, they are shaped using processes like moulding and 3-D printing. The meat is then ready for consumption without any byproducts typically associated with animal butchery.

Chef Francis Mallmann (Image credit: Francis Mallmann)

Good Meat has gained support from famous chefs like José Andrés and Francis Mallmann, the latter who would be at the pop-up. The Argentinean chef is famous for his primal style of cooking, focusing on smoke, fire, salt and meat, which garnered him the moniker of “Carnivore King.”

However, Mallmann said in an interview “that in 30 more years, we won’t be eating any more animals.” He has also released the cookbook “Green Fire,” which focuses on grilling fruits and vegetables. He also plans to launch Good Meat at one of his restaurants in South America.

This is the first time Good Meat will be widely available to diners here since Singapore approved the sale of their products late last year. Earlier this year, the brand partnered with Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice to offer their cultivated chicken to a limited number of consumers who made bookings months in advance.

Besides the pop-up, Good Meat is available for delivery on Foodpanda for locations around Madame Fan.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood is located at 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Singapore 150124. Book here.

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