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Julian Assange pictured leaving court in January 2020

Julian Assange has moved closer to being extradited from the UK to the US, after the US government won the latest stage in its extradition bid.

The US had appealed against a January UK court ruling that the Wikileaks founder could not be extradited due to concerns over his mental health.

But judges were reassured by US promises to reduce the risk of suicide.

He is wanted in the US over the publication of thousands of classified documents in 2010 and 2011.

Senior judges found the lower judge had based her decision in January on the risk of Mr Assange being held in highly restrictive prison conditions if extradited.

However, the US authorities later gave assurances that he would not face those strictest measures unless he committed an act in the future that merited them.

Giving the judgement, Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett said: “That risk is in our judgment excluded by the assurances which are offered.

“It follows that we are satisfied that, if the assurances had been before the judge, she would have answered the relevant question differently.”

It is not currently clear whether Mr Assange can further challenge his extradition, although Lord Justice Holroyde indicated in court that the Wikileaks founder was seeking to bring another appeal.

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