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By Tricia Oliveira

Created in 1993 by Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, the Happy Sport watch’s new campaign has a star for its campaign, with Julia Roberts stepping forward to embody the face of the Happy Sport woman.

“It was her and nobody else! Julia Roberts was the only person I felt could convey the spirit that I see in Happy Sport” explains Caroline Scheufele.

Charmed by the boldness of the Happy Sport creations, Julia Roberts pointed out, “I am honored to be collaborating with Chopard on the Happy Sport watch, one of the most iconic and desirable models in the industry.”

To orchestrate the encounter between Julia Roberts and Happy Sport, Caroline Scheufele entrusted the artistic direction of this new campaign to director Xavier Dolan.

Renowned for the intensity with which he conveys his protagonists’ emotions through the camera, Xavier Dolan strove to show through a short film how Julia Roberts instinctively related to the Joie de Vivre inherent in Happy Sport watches. He also served as artistic director for a series of shots taken by photographer Shayne Laverdière.

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