Jacob & Co. Announces New Collaboration With Alec Monopoly Art

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When watch collectors and enthusiasts think of luxury timepieces that are worth big money, they think of Jacob & Co. Each example is handmade using only the finest materials and movement technology to essentially create a work of art. The New York City watchmaker is proud to announce that the brand will be collaborating with world-renowned artist Alec Monolopy on a limited-edition Astronomia collection. The new collaboration further highlights the direct correlation between the world of watchmaking and unique art, using design to capture the attention of the watch industry and enthusiasts. Although the special Astronomia collection has yet to be released, the Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly is sure to be one of the most anticipated watch releases of the year. We are looking forward to seeing grand complications with Alec Monolpoly’s artistic flair added to the luxury timepiece collection Check back in for more information on the Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Astronomia Collection release.

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