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Polar are introducing the Polar Grit X Pro models, expanding on the existing Polar Grit collection. The new premium outdoor multisport watches are built for military level durability. The models in this collection have several key features that distinguish them from pre-existing models. The new watches exhibit the same high-tech and resilient design as the previous models. However, they have been updated with innovative technologies that will improve the user experience considerably.

The New Features

The Polar Grit X Pro has all of the same features as the original Polar models. However, several new features have been introduced in order to improve the watch and create a better overall experience. The Pro models each have always-on outdoor dashboards. This means that the altimeter, integrated barometer, compass, location coordinates and sunrise, sunset and twilight times can be viewed with a mere glance at the display.

The Pro models also have several new features to aid hikers and trekkers on their adventures. The watches are equipped with track back technology. This means that the watch can guide its wearer back to their starting point to ensure that they can never be truly lost. Additionally, the new models are capable of informing the wearer of slope angles and elevation profiles along their route so that they are aware of any big hills coming up and can reserve their energy accordingly.

Introducing the Polar Grit X Pro

For those who like to track their activity to extreme detail, the Grit X Pro models feature Performance Tests. This allows the wearer to track their running and cycling performance. It also means that the heart rate, speed and power zones settings can be personalised to ensure that they are accurately reflecting the wearer’s unique statistics. Not only do these new models aid with activity, they also advise the wearer on recovery periods. The watches have Recovery Tests settings. These mean that the wearer can optimise their recovery periods using Orthostatic Test, Leg Recovery Test and Recovery Pro. This means that the wearer is unlikely to overexert themselves and can train more effectively.

Other Technological Features

Introducing the Polar Grit X Pro

The new Polar Grit X Pro watches have a lot of the same technologies as the previous Grit X models. The new models have turn-by-turn guidance that is powered by Komoot. This technology allows the wearer to create, customise, discover and sync routes to their watch for detailed turn-by-turn guidance. The watches are also equipped with Hill Splitter technology which automatically tracks every ascent and descent of a session based on speed, distance and altitude. The Training Load Pro feature of these watches automatically calculates the strain of each workout or activity session on the body. This allows for insight into cardio and muscle loads to provide the wearer with relevant information so that they can adjust and improve their workouts accordingly.

For those who enjoy running, the watch has Wrist-Based Running Power. This takes raw power values directly from the wrist, allowing the watch to accurately track running sessions. Additionally, the Grit X Pro models are equipped with FuelWise and Energy Sources information. This means that the watch can provide the wearer with smart fuel reminders to ensure that they are eating and fuelling their body properly whilst on long journeys. Also, energy usage is broken down into carbs, proteins and fats so that the wearer can assess how their body is using food.

The New Models

Introducing the Polar Grit X Pro

Each of the new timepieces features a 47mm display. The displays are sunlight-visible, full-colour and touchscreen. The display of each model is protected by sapphire crystal. This is one of the strongest transparent materials in existence, ensuring for a durable finish. The lens has been treated with an anti-fingerprint coating so that the watch will not be visibly dirty. Each watch is equipped with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS to ensure for precise navigation and tracking.

The watches are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The watches are operational between -20˚C and +50˚C, although temperatures below -10˚C may affect battery life and performance. Each model has a good level of water resistance. These models have up to 40 hours of battery life in training mode and up to 7 days of battery life in watch mode. These features all exist alongside the standard features of time and date, alarms and timer and stopwatch functions.

Introducing the Polar Grit X Pro

Polar Grit X Pro Black DLC Watch Synthetic Rubber Strap 90085773

The display of this model is surrounded by a stainless steel bezel and case with a black diamond like coating (DLC). This coating is unique to this specific model within the collection. This coating is incredibly durable and adds an elegant, modern edge to the design of the watch. This model is secured with a black synthetic rubber strap to ensure that the watch is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This material will also be comfortable underwater, allowing the wearer to make use of the watch’s water resistance rating of up to 100 metres.

Polar Grit X Pro Nordic Copper Synthetic Rubber Strap 90085775

This new Polar Grit X Pro model exhibits a chic copper colour scheme that is incredibly on-trend right now. This colour palette means that this high-tech watch can be styled with fashionable outfits for on-trend daily wear. A copper coloured stainless steel case and bezel surrounds the full colour display. The bezel is printed with compass points to provide the watch with additional functionality. The timepiece is secured on the wrist using a brown synthetic rubber strap to complement the copper hue of the case.

Introducing the Polar Grit X Pro

Polar Grit X Pro Arctic Gold Synthetic Rubber Strap 90085776

The gold and cream tones of this watch make it the perfect neutral timepiece for daily styling. The touchscreen display is framed by a polished gold case and bezel that provide the smartwatch with a luxurious and elegant appearance. This is paired with a cream synthetic rubber strap. Neutral shades are very on-trend, so this high tech watch will become a treasured part of any collection. The rubber strap makes the watch comfortable and practical for everyday wear.

Polar Grit X Pro Titan Perforated Leather Strap 90085777

The Titan model of the new Polar Grit X Pro is the hero piece of the latest collection. Polar have claimed that it is the lightest, toughest and most adaptable watch in the brand’s outdoor family. The titanium bezel is stronger and far lighter than the standard stainless steel, making this model more comfortable and durable for daily wear. The watch only weighs 53 grams. This watch is secured using a perforated black leather strap. This material accentuates the luxurious feel of this timepiece, making it an incredibly desirable smartwatch that has been precisely designed for the outdoors.

What do you think of the new Polar Grit X Pro models? Which one do you think is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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