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There’s actually more to Korean dramas than heart-wrenching, plot-twisting, tragic, and full-on sobbing romance.

When you think of South Korean dramas, you’ll most likely conjure up the image of heart-fluttering scenes or tear-jerking breakups, brought to life by undoubtedly gorgeous actors and actresses with flawless skin. Last year saw many turning to the genre, like due to the time we were spending at home. Yet, you’ll quickly realise that most of them, no matter how compelling the storyline or how intriguing the context was, revolved around at least one love line.

Crash Landing on You? A South Korean heiress and a North Korean officer. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay? An unlikely romance between an antisocial children’s book writer and a psychiatric ward caretaker. Even Start-Up, a show based on the hardships of entrepreneurship had a highly debatable (#TeamGoodBoy, anyone?) rom-com plot line.

korean dramas
A meme of a “typical” Korean drama timeline (Image credit: @Dogen/Twitter)

While these rom-coms are great for a cosy night (or day) armed with plenty of feel-good moments, there are many other binge-worthy South Korean dramas that aren’t all about love and hope.

If you have ever dismissed the thought of watching South Korean dramas because of the predictable love lines, or you’re just looking to expand your repertoire of South Korean shows beyond romance, this list for you.

Read on for all our favourites.

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