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  1. Louis Vuitton veers into novelty venture with debut baby line
  2. Day’s wrap: Loro Piana, Emirates, Jaguar Land Rover and Redfin
  3. Audi offers vision of progress in Janelle Monáe campaign
  4. Emirates updates exterior design for first time in nearly 25 years
  5. Kering: Share price as reflection of brand synergies
  6. Frequent flyers, international buyers expressing interest in investing stateside: Coldwell Banker
  7. Kim Kardashian fashions Balenciaga’s new collection in latest campaign
  8. Jaguar Land Rover celebrates 75 years with help from LEGO
  9. Porsche spotlights dreamers in inspirational global campaign
  10. Dior hopes to reach new audiences with Noonoouri tribute