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One of our favourite trends in recent years is the one where you can wear satin and lace to a meal in the day and not have it look inappropriate.

Alas, there is an art to wearing pyjamas to brunch.

Prized for their ease of wear and comfort to sport, pyjamas as going-out clothes require a bit of skill for styling. You need a smart and elegant fit that won’t make you look like a sleepy slob. You need to be mindful of material. Consider patterns and motifs (Hello Kitty is a no-go), and accessorise smart. The pyjamas-to-brunch look — all the while very effortlessly cool — is harder than it appears.

If you’re itching to head out in a matching satin co-ord this weekend and do not know where to begin, do not fear. Our ultimate guide is here. From dressy chic and streetwear casual, here are seven ways you can rock pyjamas in the city this season. You got this. Read on.

[Hero and Featured image credit: LAPOINTE via Facebook]

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