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how to style puffer jacket

Most people seem to think that the snowy season ends once Christmas is over. Far from that, most wintry countries continue snowing and possibly get even colder – up till March. That means you’ll still have time to put on those puffer jackets for your winter holiday.

Puffer jackets are a wintertime staple and have boomed into one of the trendiest outerwear pieces that are, in large part thanks to the street style crowd and Moncler’s deluge of innovative takes on the garment a la Craig Green and their Genius collection. It’s one thing for those who live in the front row of fashion shows to capitalise on the puffer jacket for warmth and style, and for the likes of Moncler to release seriously adventurous puffer jackets that border on art, but it’s a whole other story when this cushioned jacket is your only defence against the cold in temperatures that dip below double digits.

Let’s get real: most of us end up looking like copies of the Michelin man.

Still, function can marry fashion with this clunky coat, and it takes some styling know-how to take the puffer jacket from frumpy, to winter holiday OOTD-ready. We suss out some of these tips for you — take notes.

1Go for slimmer, full-body coats

Go for slimmer, full-body coats

Puffer jackets are available in options that are less bulky, so go for those if you’re travelling to more forgiving climates (think Paris, Hong Kong, and so forth). It fits closer to your form so you actually have a silhouette. What we love about this look is also the choice of a reversible puffer jacket, where folding up the sleeve cuffs afford a pop of contrasting colour. For the more practical of us with luggage space constraints, a reversible puffer jacket is basically two outer garments in one.

2Play with length and volume

Play with length and volume

This monochromatic outfit achieves dimension with the wearer’s use of various silhouettes in the outfit, what with the cropped puffer jacket layering a simple, oversized button-down top worn untucked, complete with cigarette-thin pants that add to the tapered effect.

3Experiment with how you wear it

Experiment with how you wear it

Tossing the puffer jacket just over your shoulders is so passé, and so is the Instagram-led trend of wearing the jacket shrugged off one shoulder just so. Take it to the next level — button the coat or zip it tightly for warmth and have it snug just off both shoulders. It’s not the most practical, sure, but it looks great on photos or for short trips that don’t require much walking about. Looking stylish is never always practical, sorry about it.

4Colourblocking is key

Colourblocking is key

This giant pink marshmallow of a puffer jacket looks as comfortable and as warm as it gets, but stylish too, given how its wearer paired it with an all-black outfit, and pops of subtle, contrasting hues in the form of a pumpkin-coloured beanie, denim cuffs and sandy walking boots.

5If you're going oversized, go all out

If you’re going oversized, go all out

The bulk of this puffer jacket comes not from the actual ribbed layers, but the deliberately oversized cut. Pair it with slimmer pants, and an equally body-hugging top (think winter heat-retaining garments if you want to not freeze to your demise), and you’re ready to go.

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