How to give birth like a Royal

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Pregnant Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, 2021

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Where to give birth

Forget the Portland or the Lindo Wing, the Kensington Wing is now the place to give birth. ‘The less obvious choice means A-lister parents are guaranteed even more privacy,’ explains Tiffany. ‘The Suite has its own double bed, hotel-esque en-suite and separate living room for guests.’ Tiffany also suggests booking a C-section performed by Professor Mark Johnson – the holy grail of obstetricians. ‘It’s a luxury experience that far exceeds that of any other private maternity wing.’

Finding the best obstetrician

Word of mouth is so passé. If you want to find the most sought after obstetrician to deliver your baby then Tiffany’s expertise and knowledge on the crème de la crème of baby doctors will point you in the right direction. ‘A lot of my clients have long lists of recommended obstetricians from various private hospitals, handed down by well-meaning friends. But choosing an obstetrician is a very personal decision. I essentially match-make my clients with the personality and skills of the best obstetricians in the world. I’ve even had clients fly from halfway across the world in order to have a C-section by the consultant renowned for doing an “invisible C-section” – one without a scar’.

The Duchess of Sussex, 2019

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Turning your hospital room into ‘home’

Giving birth in a hospital, armed with hospital smells and beeping machinery is not the way the royals do it. ‘I’ve been called into numerous private maternity hospitals to transform the rooms so that they resemble a home from home. No request is too much – I’ve replaced hospital sheets with Charlotte Thomas bespoke bedsheets, had perfumeries create personalised scents to be pumped through the rooms in reed diffusers, and added artwork that replicated those of the baby’s nursery hung on walls, so that the child will feel at home.’ Tiffany has also helped source designer nightdresses which clients can give birth in, and hired baby stylists to turn newborn wardrobes into mini fashion runways.

Arranging post-birth photo shoots

Instagram-worthy birth announcements certainly aren’t something a royal baby will be subjected to, but that doesn’t mean post-birth photoshoots should be sneered at – as long as they are never shared on social media. ‘Many of my clients will book hair, makeup and a renowned fashion photographer to capture those moments after birth. It’s a memory they want to treasure.’

The Duchess of Cambridge, 2018

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Best baby members’ clubs

Tiffany regularly gets asked by clients to get them membership to exclusive clubs tailored to little ones. ‘The current “must have members’ card” for West London socialites is Cloud Twelve in Notting Hill,‘ says Tiffany. ‘Once a member, your little one can indulge in various “baby groups” such as “botanists classes” or “Steiner-inspired art classes,” whilst you dash upstairs to the spa to have a colonic.’

  • The Elvie Breast Pump

    The Elvie Breast Pump

    ‘I would definitely be recommending the Elvie Pump to my royal clients, mainly due to the fact it is silent, discreet and hands-free, allowing you to pump unnoticed whilst attending engagements and social events.’

    Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump, £249, John Lewis

  • The Snoo Cot

    The Snoo Cot

    If your maternity nurse or nanny can’t quite manage to get your baby sleeping through the night then the Snoo cot will. ‘I’ve had clients order this before they even knew they were pregnant due to it being in such high demand,’ explains Tiffany. ‘The Snoo is a smart cot that mimics the sound and motion of a mother’s womb, gently rocking the baby back to sleep, whilst monitoring their sleeping patterns at the touch of a button.’

    SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot, £1,145,

  • The Artipoppe Baby Carrier

    The Artipoppe Baby Carrier

    The Zeitgeist Baby Argus Bolicar carrier from Artipoppe is an essential on the wish list of the smart set when expecting. This wrap is made of 30 per cent Vicuña AKA the rarest animal material in the world. ‘It may sound like sarcastic hyperbole, but this is no joke,’ explains Tiffany. ‘Vicuña is a small member of the camel family that only lives in the wild in the Andes Mountain range of South America. And this sort of exclusivity makes it a must have for the majority of my clients.’

    Zeitgeist Baby Argus Bolicar , £3,343,

  • The Luxury Georgia Dolls House from Dragons of Walton Street

    The Luxury Georgia Dolls House from Dragons of Walton Street

    Even Kevin McCloud would be lost for words at this Grand Design – a beautifully bespoke Georgian dolls house complete with working lights, a marble hallway and silk curtains.

    Luxury Georgian Dolls House, £7,875

    You can find out more about Tiffany’s services as a Mummy Concierge at Her book ‘Secrets of the Mummy Concierge’ is being published on the 24 June 2021 by Bonnier books.

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