How to celebrate Chinese New Year with Fenjiu

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Fenjiu is the oldest Chinese baijiu spirit; with 6,000 years of history it is still made today according to time-honoured methods. Traditionally, Chinese New Year is a family celebration that is enjoyed at home. Houses are adorned with simple red paper decorations enhanced with written blessings and good wishes. It is traditional for families to make different types of delicious dumplings together on Chinese New Year Eve and to serve them accompanied by baijiu – the national drink of China. Fenjiu is one of the most famous premium baijiu, and the perfect drink to enjoy with dumplings made with special fillings at home, and whilst watching the Chinese New Year Gala on television. The annual gala is a family favourite featuring a variety of entertainment including singing and dancing, culminating in a firework display. Enjoyed during this celebration are traditional foods and drinks fitting for the celebration. The Food – Dumplings are traditionally enjoyed on Chinese New Year Eve and on the fifth day. They are simple to make and can contain a wide range of delicious fillings. Pork Chive Dumplings are one of the most traditional in China, but many other types of meat, fish and vegetarian dumplings are also very popular. The Drink – Baijiu is the national drink of China and traditionally enjoyed at Chinese New Year. Fenjiu baijiu is enjoyed neat or as part of a cocktail. Try this simple Fenjiu Chinese New Year cocktail at home: Fenjiu Chinese New Year Martini 20ml Fenjiu 50ml Vodka 20ml Dry vermouth infused with fresh ginger and green tea 2 drops of orange bitter Method: Stir the ingredients together and strain into a coupette glass Garnish with lemon zest   Availability: Fenjiu has a range of premium baijiu, available to buy from: Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Slurp with additional availability to be confirmed in time for Chinese New Year. The Hamper – Lunar New Year Hamper including Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Year Old baijiu from Harvey Nichols, £140. This Chinese New Year is the year of the Ox, the animal which also features as part of the mascot for Fenjiu.

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