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India is going through a deadly second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only is the daily rise in the number of cases frighteningly high, but the sight of crematoriums and burial grounds depict a grim picture. The healthcare system is unable to meet the demands for oxygen, hospital beds for patients and various medical services. Social media is flooded with people seeking help for themselves, their dear ones and amplifying requests from others.

As many are trying to help in any way they can, some organisations are working tirelessly to support those affected by COVID-19 as well. Their efforts have been of tremendous help, especially to the poor, destitute and underprivileged. But these organisations have a crucial backbone — and that backbone is you. Donations are vital to their operations. The funds help them meet their goals, which range from procuring oxygen concentrators for hospitals to providing free meals to COVID-19 patients and everything in between.

We list some verified organisations you can donate to do your part in helping those who are struggling right now.

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