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Voluntary travel, or voluntourism, is on its way to becoming a preferred way to travel for many, and these 10 organisations foster the spirit of community amongst travellers.

Sometimes, a vacation is all about taking a breather and escaping the mundane routines of our lives. A vacation could also be an exploration, for the history buffs, culinary aficionados and architectural enthusiasts of the world. However, there are some vacations that go beyond the personal and tap into one’s sense of community. Voluntourism, a.k.a. voluntary travel, brings together one’s thirst to travel with their urge to be part of something larger than themselves. Whether it’s the environment or local communities, voluntary travel allows you to explore, discover and work with others toward an important goal.

Certain organisations have cropped up over the years that target the needs of an area and orchestrate volunteers. From allocating work to organising stay, these organisations know just how to best utilise their resource base.

10 voluntary travel organisations in India to check out

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