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Germany was taken over by the United States when Gorbachev gave East Germany to the U.S. and its allies, on 3 October 1990, in return for a lying promise from the U.S. Government that America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO would not expand eastward (i.e., toward Russia’s border. (Gorbachev didn’t want NATO to be able to do to Russia what Khrushchev had tried to do to JFK’s America in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis — get his missiles so close to the capital city so as maybe to behead the opponent, to disable the opponent’s retaliatory missiles from being able to become launched in retaliation to a blitz-attack by America.) Ever since reunification, Germany has been just another American vassal-nation; and, now (on August 31st to be precise), Germany’s Government has made explicitly clear that it serves U.S. billionaires (the people who actually control America’s Government) instead of the German people (the public who are allowed to vote in German elections). This Germany is thus a dictatorship (by those foreign billionaires), instead of a democracy (reflecting the will of the majority of the German people).

On August 31st, Annalena Baerbock, who runs Germany’s Government in a very close partnership with her friend and Green Party colleague Robert Habeck, and under the nominal Chancellorship of a very weak and vacillating Chancellor Olaf Scholz, told a forum that was financed by U.S.-allied Governments and U.S.-and-allied billionaires’ organizations (mainly European ones):

If I give the promise to the people in Ukraine, “we stand with you, as long as you need us,” then I want to deliver. No matter what my German voters think, I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine. And this is why it’s important for me to be very frank and clear. And this means, [with] every measure I’m taking, that they remain in place as long as Ukraine needs me. … We are now facing wintertime, where we will be challenged as democratic politicians. People will go on the street and say “we cannot pay our energy prices,” and I will say “yes, I know, so we help you with social measures.” But I don’t want to say, “Okay, then, we stop the sanctions against Russia [which Germany like all other vassal-nations of the U.S. empire imposed and cause the soaring fuel-prices and resulting general inflation].” We will stand with Ukraine, and this means that the sanctions will continue on through wintertime, even if it gets really tough for politicians.

You can see her delivering those statements here:

“Support for Ukraine ‘No Matter What My German Voters Think’”

It isn’t only “what my voters think” but also what they NEED that she, as the German Government, is obligated to be her very first concern, if today’s Germany is to become, finally, a democracy, which is a majority-rule republic: a nation whose Government is chosen by, and answerable to, a majority of its residents. Germany is not that, and has not been that, ever since the Weimar Republic, if even that Government, whose first obligation under the post-WW-I Versailles Treaty was instead to pay reparations to World War One’s winners, was a “democracy.” This time around, however, the foreign enslavement of the German public is by means of a ‘democracy’, instead of by means of a war. Only expelling the occupying power — the U.S. regime — can possibly bring democracy to Germany. No vassal-nation can be a democracy.

Her lie that this will be made-up-for by “so we help you with social measures” ignores that America and its allies are driving Germany into such vast Government deficit spending — as a direct consequence of the U.S.-regime-imposed-and-enforced sanctions against Russia — as they previously did via the Versailles Treaty and its resulting transfers of German taxpayers’ money to U.S.-and-allied billionaires’ firms after WW I. By way of the Marshall Plan, which the U.S. regime made available ONLY to European nations that agreed to become vassals (‘allies’) of the U.S. regime, in order to conquer supposedly the Soviet Union but actually the entire world, Western Germany didn’t have to go through that post-war hell — but Eastern Germany did because its imperial master, the Soviet Union, had itself been enormously impoverished by having suffered the brunt of Hitler’s War, in his “Operation Barbarossa” to enslave if not slaughter Russians. (By contrast, whereas the U.S. lost only 419,400 dead from the entire War, the Soviet Union lost 20 to 27 million dead from “Operation Barbarossa”.) Whereas the American regime could afford to buy lots of nations’ leaders (including press-lords) to become ‘allies’, the Soviet regime could not. And the U.S. regime’s PR benefits, from doing so, repaid the costs manyfold, including ultimately the building-up and then the breaking-down of the Berlin Wall. It was a wall separating U.S. sponsorship from Soviet sponsorship, and served as West Berlin’s “City On The Hill” for those in the East to only hope for, until the Wall itself finally broke from those escaping.

The Soviet regime defeated Hitler, but the new and now rabidly imperialistic U.S. regime won enormously the spoils from that War.

Germany’s GovernmentFurthermore, the German regime’s statements about why Russia invaded Ukraine mirror those of its U.S. master and simply ignore the history that had led up to that invasion, including that on 7 January 2022 the U.S. regime and its entire NATO flatly rejected the Russian Governments desperately needed national-security demands to be met — such as that Ukraine (Russia’s nearest of all next-door neighbors) must never be in NATO (the anti-Russian military alliance).

The U.S-and-allied ‘history’ of the war in Ukraine has it having ‘started’ with Russia’s 24 February 2022 invasion oof Ukraine, but this invasion was actually Russia’s necessary national-security response to the U.S.-and-allied regimes’ increasing threat to add Ukraine to NATO. If only Germany — or any other member of that anti-Russian alliance — had refused to back that refusal, and opted to prohibit Ukraine from joining, then the February 24th invasion would never have happened. The U.S. regime had started in 2011 to plan its ultimate February 2014 takeover of Ukraine by means of a brutal coup that was hidden behind mass anti-corruption demonstrations, and this U.S. coup turned Ukraine, which had been predominantly against NATO, in favor of NATO, because now the U.S. regime was ultimately in control of Ukraine’s press, and thus of Ukrainian public opinion.

The Baerbock-Habeck German Government does not represent the German people. This even showed in the polling. Baerbock was the Green Party’s nominee to become Chancellor, and was running against the SPD Party (comparable to America’s Democrats and Britain’s Labour) candidate Olaf Scholz, and she was leading the polls until the only broadcast debate made clear to Germans her insanity against Russia. Right after that debate, the German Marshall Fund of the United States reported that, “After an initial burst of attention and positive media coverage, the Green party’s candidate, Annalena Baerbock, has seen a drop in her personal polling fortunes and her party, polling significantly better compared to recent elections and at historically high levels, has fallen back behind the Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU) in the forecasts. … While the SPD’s numbers are still far below their scores from before the Merkel era, currently polling around 25 percent it is poised to become the largest party in the next Bundestag and could make a justified claim to lead the new government.” They showed the trend in Parties’ polling: Linke (one of only two Parties that aren’t rabidly anti-Russian) steady at around 6%; AfD (the other) steady at around 10%. SPD (only moderately anti-Russian) 25% up from 15%. CSU (a bit more anti-Russian) 20% down from 30%. Greens (rabidly anti-Russian) 16% down from 26%. FPD (nowhere on foreign policies, just solidly neoliberal) steady at 12%. Scholz won in the general election and appointed the rabid Russia-haters Baerbock as Foreign Minister, and her Greens Party colleague Robert Habeck as the Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Action — that’s two Green-Party electoral losers, both rabidly anti-Russian, now actually running Germany. Habeck’s “Climate Action” has turned out to be to sanction fossil fuels from Russia, which are Germany’s main sources of energy. He has the solid support in this from his fellow Greens in the EU Parliament. The result of those sanctions is soaring fuels-prices. They’re destroying Europe, in service to America’s billionaires. (U.S. sales to Germany, especially of super-expensive LNG, have soared, and America’s armaments-makers are also booming, by U.S.-and-‘allies’ pouring their weapons into Ukraine and so keeping the war that destroys Ukraine going.)

What they all hide from the public is that the U.S. regime and its NATO had, essentially, forced Russia to invade Ukraine, as the only available way which remained, to prevent any possibility of Ukraine’s joining NATO. The U.S. regime will never be satisfied until both Russia and China are effectively under their control, for America’s billionaires to exploit their labor and natural resources under terms that are imposed instead of negotiated. That is the reason why Europe’s leaders will impoverish and freeze their people this coming winter.

On 1 September 2022 I posted to The Duran my article “Why Russia Invaded Ukraine”  and then submitted it by email to over 200 English-language international-news sites, and none published it. A Web-search for that headline doesn’t even bring up The Duran (and thus the article), at all, but does bring up lots of articles that say the reason is Putin (instead of what almost all Russians recognize to be their nation’s top national-security requirements, which Putin has been honestly representing and championing). None say that (the Nobel Peace Prize winner) Barack Obama started this war, even before he couped Ukraine in February 2014, and that he and subsequent U.S. Presidents continued the effort to get Ukraine into NATO, and that Russia finally took the unfortunately necessary action to stop it.

The first step to freedom is truth. Without that, all is only slavery, and its masters. Freedom on the basis of lies is impossible.

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