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Ah, Bedtime. Our beds are often our sanctuary. If we’re lucky, we get the occasional languorous lazy Sunday morning to simply be in bed. Why not make it as luxuriant as possible, right?

We’re out and about all day, constantly alert and navigating the inevitable highs and lows of life. The ultimate retreat at the end of each day is this: falling into soft, luxurious bed sheets and letting your troubles melt away.

Heavenly bed sheets are not only for high-end hotels. You deserve to be cosily enveloped in swathes of the softest sheets and the best luxury linens at home, too. With our list of the best luxury hotel-worthy bed sheets, you’ll enjoy that luxe hotel feeling every night.

best bed sheets Parachute hotel - Luxe Digital

We’ve dreamed up the ultimate guide to the best luxury hotel bedding so you’ll be yearning for bedtime.

Possible side effects include earlier nights and late mornings— with our list of the best premium bed sheets, you might not ever want to leave…

  1. Brooklinen: Best overall
  2. Casper: Best value
  3. Frette: Best high-end
  4. Saatva: Best organic cotton
  5. Brooklinen: Best linen
  6. Parachute: Best sateen
  7. Luxor Linens: Best crisp white
  8. Nectar Sleep: Best cooling sheets for summer
  9. Malouf: Best warming sheets for winter
  10. Marriott: Best hotel bed sheets
  11. PlushBeds: Best for sensitive skin
  12. Mayfair Linen: Best budget
  13. Lily Silk: Best silk
  14. THXsilk: Most trendy
  15. Sferra: Best Egyptian cotton

Brooklinen Classic Percale: Best overall bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury brooklinen classic percale - Luxe Digital

Comfort and quality are at the heart of Brooklyn, NYC company Brooklinen. Their Classic Percale Sheets Bundle brings that coveted hotel experience to your home. With the bundle consisting of a core sheet set, extra pillowcases and duvet cover, Brooklinen has got you covered. Literally.

The 270 thread count is perfectly breathable— perfect for restless sleepers who dream of being cool all night. Not confident on thread counts? Quick tip: a 150 thread count is considered standard, with 200 indicating very good quality. So, with Brooklinen’s 270…You do the maths.

(Oh, and if thread counts are on your radar, read on for plenty more…)

The bed sheets are expertly crafted with 100% long-staple cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

Available in twin size, twin XL, full, queen size, king size and Cali king size, you’re sure to find the perfect size for your bed. All sizes will fit mattresses up to 38,1 centimetres (15 inches) high, too.

Use of premium quality cotton to maximise crisp-and-coolness all night, plus the wide range of sizes, have placed Brooklinen firmly at the top in the best overall luxury bed sheets category.

Casper Cool Supima: Best value bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury casper cool supima - Luxe Digital

Premium quality doesn’t always come with a premium price-tag. Promising to ‘set a new standard in sleep innovation’ Casper’s researchers, designers and engineers have spent years developing an exceptional product range.

The Casper Cool Supima Sheet set is the result of this dedicated work: made with the percale weave, 400 two-ply thread-count and 100% Californian cotton, these sheets are what dreams are made of (and made in).

The OEKO-TEX Certification guarantees safe use for even the sensitive skin of babies and children.

The cherry-on-top is this: Casper loves to donate. They’ve made 70,000+ donations to charities, providing bedding for those who need it most. So, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve contributed to the efforts!

You don’t need a Casper mattress to enjoy Casper bed sheets, as they’ll happily fit any mattress up to 35,6 centimetres (14 inches) deep. Available in an array of tasteful colours in muted hues and in twin size, twin XL, full-size, queen size, king size and the voluptuous Cali-king size, there’s something for everyone.

Best for those who like to give back, Casper aim to deliver fine-tuned excellence with accessible pricing— henceforth we’ve rated them the best value bed sheets on our list.

Frette Doppio Ajour: Best high-end bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury frette doppio ajour - Luxe Digital

Dominating the luxury hotel world since 1860, Italian company Frette embodies pure opulence. Found dressing the beds of the most prestigious hotels across the globe (think Claridges, Shangri-La and The Ritz-Carlton hotels, to name a few), it’s not to say you can’t replicate the experience at home, too.

The Doppio Ajour Sheet Set is a bestseller and for good reason, featuring Frette’s signature double open hemstitch on soft cotton sateen.

With Frette, you not only get the best premium-quality high-end 100% cotton bed sheets (the hyperbole is justified, promise us), you also get nearly 200 years of luxuriant history.

Frette’s resplendent products have been featured in all kinds of highly desirable places; from the dining car of the Orient Express to the altar at St. Peter’s Basilica, to the beds of over 500 European royal families. Well, if it’s good enough for royalty…

Available in single, double, and king sizes and in subtle colours from Grey Cliff to Milk, the timeless, understated design should complement most interior styles. Great for those who value optimal quality and subtlety.

For the pure magnificence paired with timeless simplicity, we’ve rated Frette’s Doppio Ajour Sheet Set as the best high-end luxury bed sheets on the market.

Saatva Lofton Organic: Best organic cotton bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury saatva lofton organic - Luxe Digital

Seeing as we spend (if we can) around 8 hours wrapped in our bed sheets every night, it makes sense to choose organic, as we often do in other areas of our lives.

That’s where Saatva comes in: their Lofton Organic Sheet Set is Fair Trade and Global Organic Textile Standard Certified (organic practices employed from harvesting all through to the finished product). In short, these sheets are as friendly to the earth as they are to your skin.

Saatva have identified 300 to be their optimal thread-count. This ensures breathability and comfort.

Furthermore, the sateen sheets are woven with long-staple organic cotton yarn, with a satin weave structure. This technique is known to create lustrous, elegant effects. These sheets are best for those who prefer good quality simplicity and muted hues.

The range of sizes at Saatva is rather impressive: they’ve everything from twin size, to twin XL, through to queen size, king size, split-king size, to king and queen upper-flex.

Minimalist in colour and design, plus the dedication to organic methods mean we’ve rated Saatva’s Organic Sheet Set as the best organic bed sheets on the market this year.

Brooklinen Core Sheet: Best linen sheets

best bed sheets luxury brooklinen core linen - Luxe Digital

Crisp, white linen bed sheets are emblematic of high-end hotels. There’s hardly a better feeling than waking up, absolutely refreshed, after a night with some high-quality linen sheets.

If that unbeatable hotel-esque freshness is what you desire, choosing Brooklinen’s Linen Core Sheet Set may be the best decision you make all year. Linen is twice as durable as cotton bedding, and the breathable fabric keeps you warm in winter and cooler in summer.

You’ve heard of small-batch beer, right? How about small-batch bed sheets? Yep, that’s a thing too. Brooklinen uses a small-batch dye process to ensure each set brings forth an air of individuality— no two sets are the same (unless you choose white, of course).

Expertly crafted with 100% Belgian and French flax, the result is truly premium.

Linen even possesses a few secret weapons, making it truly irresistible.

It maintains a natural pH balance and is anti-allergic, rendering it a must-have for those with problematic skin, and a good choice for children, too.

With both classic king and queen sizes available, plus full size and Cali king size for those extra spacious beds, you’re bound to find the perfect match.

So, due to the seasonal versatility of Brooklinen’s Linen Sheet Set and the premium-quality fabric, we’ve rated Brooklinen’s Linen Core Sheet Set as the best luxury linen bed sheets on the market.

Parachute Venice: Best sateen bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury parachute venice sateen - Luxe Digital

While sateen is technically made from cotton fibres, the specific treatment process renders sateen a superior material.

The raw cotton fibres are combed to make them longer, and then an intricate process called mercerisation takes place to ‘seal’ the fibres. This results in more durable cotton complete with an attractive sheen.

The Sateen Venice Set by Parachute is a prime example of quality sateen sheets— made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, the duvet cover features twill ties in all four corners. The sateen achieves a lovely balance of soft, smooth texture without the shiny look of silk.

What you get: the set consists of one fitted sheet, one pillowcase set and one duvet cover. Available in a smoky palette of white, sand, light grey or slate, these comfy sheets whisper understated chic.

Find them in your usual sizing- twin size, twin XL, queen size, king size and of course Cali king size.

Great for anyone who values cosiness, we love Parachute’s commitment to comfort and style. So, we’ve rated them as the best sateen sheets on the market.

Luxor Linens Valentino Egyptian Cotton: Best crisp white bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury luxor linens valentino egyptian cotton - Luxe Digital

Crisp, white bed sheets just radiate luxury. However, crisp doesn’t mean sacrificing softness. Super-soft, the Valentino Egyptian Cotton bed sheets have a 1200 thread count. No, that’s not a typo. Twelve-hundred.

The weave delivers a super soft and pillowy yet crisp effect. Turns out, you can have it all.

These crispest and whitest of bed sheets are made from the finest 100% Extra-Long Staple Mercerised Egyptian cotton. Indeed, while that’s quite a mouthful of credentials, the result is nothing less than pure elegance.

These sheets are the way to go if you’ve got a deeper than average mattress: the bottom sheet will comfortably fit over mattresses up to 48,3 centimetres (19 inches) deep.

Available in twin size, queen size, full size and king size, and a selection of colours from Sky to Wine (although we love the Classic White).

The immense thread count plus the sophisticated aesthetic mean we’ve rated the Valentino Egyptian Cotton Sheets by Luxor Linens as the best crisp white bed sheets on the market.

Nectar Sleep Luxury Cotton: Best cooling sheets for summer

best bed sheets luxury nectar sleep cotton - Luxe Digital

We’re all too familiar with the chagrin of summertime slumber: being too warm under our duvets, yet feeling the need to be encased in them regardless (with maybe one leg out- you know).

If you relate, Nectar Sleep’s Luxury Cotton Bed Sheets could be the answer:

They feature a diagonal twill weave which is both soft and breathable keeping you refreshingly cool on those balmy summer nights.

The extra-long staple cotton is designed to become softer with every wash. Much like a fine wine, Nectar Sleep sheets actually get better with age. Cool to the touch, these could be the best choice to see you through the summer months.

Available in the classic sizes from twin through to Cali king, the cooling sheets will fit a mattress up to 35,6 centimetres (14 inches) deep.

With exceptional breathability and softness, we’ve rated the Luxury Cotton Bed Sheets by Nectar Sleep as the best cooling sheets for summer

Malouf Heavyweight Portugese Flannel: Best warming sheets for winter

best bed sheets luxury malouf heavyweight portugese flannel - Luxe Digital

Crafted specifically for the colder months, the Heavyweight Portugese Flannel Sheet Set by Malouf could be perfect to see you through those chilly winter nights.

Made in the mills of Portugal, famous not only for Port but also for producing some of the world’s best flannel bedding; these warming sheets feature 100% brushed cotton for that ultra-cosy feel.

The durable fibre structure resists pilling (that pesky bobbles that tend to appear on lesser-quality fabrics), making for a long-lasting bed sheet. The smooth texture is great for retaining warmth, making these sheets ideal for a readily-warm winter bed.

Available in king size, the bottom sheet is fully elasticated which enables fitting for most mattresses.

Brilliant for those who feel the cold on blistering winter nights, we’ve rated the Heavyweight Portugese Flannel Bed Sheets by Malouf as the best warming sheets for winter.

Marriott Luxury Embroidered Duvet Cover: Best hotel bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury marriott duvet cover - Luxe Digital

Bringing you the hotel experience in the most authentic way possible, the Marriott Luxury Embroidered Duvet Cover is made exclusively for Marriott Hotels.

As the centre-piece of your bedroom, duvet covers are everything. Both aesthetically and in terms of comfort, it’s so important to select the best bed linens for your style and preference.

Made with 50% cotton, 50% polyester and a 300 thread-count, the duvet cover is perfectly matched with styles ranging from contemporary, traditional and modern. The triple-row of embroidery adorning the top and corners bring a subtle, yet versatile artistic tone, too.

Available in the king size found in the real Marriott hotels, this elegant duvet cover is true to its roots.

So, if you crave that ‘hotel’ feeling every night, Marriott sure delivers. Of course, an occasional stay in their ‘natural habitat’ wouldn’t go amiss from time to time, though. You can enjoy the luxury bed sheets at home, but try ringing for room service and you might be bitterly disappointed…

We’ve rated the Marriott Luxury Embroidered Duvet Cover as the best hotel bed sheets. Direct from the source, it doesn’t get much better than that.

PlushBeds Bamboo Set: Best bed sheets for sensitive skin

best bed sheets luxury plush bamboo set - Luxe Digital

Bamboo fabrics are a blessing for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, highly sweat-absorbant and UV-protectant, bamboo is an unsung hero.

The Bamboo Bed Sheet by PlushBeds embodies all these characteristics which make bamboo so popular for those who require gentleness.

Far from the bamboo plant— which in its raw form doesn’t exactly scream ‘comfort’— the rayon from bamboo actually produces a silky soft fabric. The fibres are smooth and round, resulting in a naturally smooth ‘anti-itch’ surface. Again, perfect for those with skin ailments.

Available in a pleasant range of gentle pastels such as ivory, driftwood and citron, the easy-on-the-eye aesthetic reflects the kindness of the fabric nicely.

Coming in twin size, twin XL size, full size, queen size, king size, right up to Cali king size, they have the right fit for your bed.

Due to the myriad of benefits which come from bamboo rayon and the pretty range of colours, we’ve named the Bamboo Bed Sheet by PlushBeds as the best bed sheets for sensitive skin.

Mayfair Linen: Best budget bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury mayfair linen - Luxe Digital

Mayfair Linen appear to tick all the right boxes with their 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Long staple cotton? Check. 100% Egyptian cotton? Check. 800 thread-count? Check. With such a full-house, these could be the best bed sheets on Amazon.

Breathable and long-lasting, these sheets come in a classic style which is both unassuming and timeless. The tailored bed sheets are complete with deep pockets and are available in a rainbow of colours, from Plum to Silver.

Designed to emulate that lusted-after ‘hotel’ experience, these sheets wouldn’t be out of place in the swankiest of Mayfair hotels. Why not add a touch of Mayfair to your own home with these high-quality sheets?

Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, queen size, king size and Cali king size.

Great value, good craftsmanship and exquisite tailored design are our favourite features of the Mayfair Linen sheets. Therefore, we’ve rated them the best budget sheets on the market this year.

Lily Silk Silk Set: Best silk bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury lily silk - Luxe Digital

Lily Silk’s Silk Bed Sheet Set looks like it’s been taken right out of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles chambre. If you too have palatial taste, these high-quality silk sheets could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Lily Silk uses raw silk, taken from silk cocoons. It takes 2500 silk cocoons to produce one single pound of raw silk. Those are some hard-working silkworms, that’s for sure.

Much like linen, silk is temperature-regulating, and slow-ageing breathable fabric will keep you neither too hot nor too cold, but just right.

The sheets are OEKO-TEX standard, so you can trust they’re skin-friendly.

Wonderful if you’re looking for a grandiose aesthetic and comfort. Silk certainly makes more of a statement than other materials, and executed correctly can truly be the making of a bedroom. Available in king size.

So, we’ve rated Lily Silk’s Silk Sheets as the best silk bed sheets on the market due to their lavish look and quality craftsmanship.

THXSilk Silk Set: Most trendy bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury THXSilk - Luxe Digital

Made from 100% Mulberry silk, the THXSilk Silk Sheet Set promises a great night’s sleep with its breathable fabric and hypoallergenic qualities.

Featuring all those beneficial quirks of silk—temperature regulation; anti-allergenic; smooth on the skin; and OEKO-TEX certified—there’s not much these stylish sheets don’t do.

The deep-pocket design means the sheets will readily fit any mattress up to 40,7 centimetres (16 inches) deep.

These silky soft sheets come in a treasure trove of hues, but Charcoal is our favourite. Plus, they’re available in full size, queen size, king size and Cali king size.

Being both stylish and versatile, we’ve picked the THXSilk Silk Sheet Set as the most trendy bed sheets on the market.

Sferra Giza 45 Seta: Best Egyptian cotton bed sheets

best bed sheets luxury sferra egyptian - Luxe Digital

Bringing over 125 years of expertise to the table, it’s safe to say Sferra know their stuff. The Italian company is renowned for sourcing the world’s finest natural fibres, which they deftly weave into luxury linens. 

The Giza 45 Seta collection is the epitome of their artistry. Made-to-order, the luxury bed sheets are crafted from the finest and rarest Egyptian cotton, blended with exquisite silk fibres to create an irresistible feel.

If you thought Egyptian cotton was luxurious, just wait until you try Giza 45 cotton. It’s been christened by some as the ‘Queen of cotton’. Intrigued? You should be.

The silken texture is further complemented by a subtle sateen finish, making the Giza 45 Seta collection a real fusion.

Available in both king and queen sizes, the Giza 45 Seta collection couldn’t be perfect if you’re looking to transcend even the finest luxury.

The pure craftsmanship and exquisite quality of Sferra’s Giza 45 Seta collection is why we’ve rated them the best Egyptian cotton on the market.

5 tips to create a luxury hotel feeling in your bedroom

1. Keep your bed neatly made-up. Even if you’re not going to see it all day. One of the most often-quoted ‘habits of successful people’ is the discipline of making your bed in the morning.

That small effort in your morning could result in big changes in your life!

A tidy room is a tidy mind.

For help with those ‘hospital corners’ try the Bed Scrunchie. This nifty gadget works with all bed sheets, mattress toppers and protectors to keep your bottom sheet in crease-less order.

2. Exercise minimalism. William Morris famously said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. As one of the founding fathers of modern interior design, his words deserve to be heeded.

A bedroom should be a sanctuary— separate from the hustle and bustle of life and preserved as a place of rest and reflection. Hotel rooms achieve this well, and that is of course part of their appeal.

Minimalism even applies to areas you don’t see. Give a little TLC to the area under your bed. If it’s jam-packed with useless clutter, consider investing in some pretty storage containers to organise all that chaos.

best bed sheets premium bedding - Luxe Digital

3. Install light-switches by your bed (and table lamps). Any hotel worth its salt will have these simple features. There is simply nothing worse than:

Reading or relaxing under the glare of a relentlessly bright ceiling light.

After said read or relaxing, having to untuck yourself from the duvet cocoon and make the treacherous journey to the main light switch.

These easy instalments require minimal effort but produce maximum results. You can thank us later.

4. Be mindful with your decor. Hotel rooms vary greatly in style and colour scheme, and that’s fine. Of course, in your own bedroom you’re free to decorate as you wish.

However, the recurring theme found in high-end hotels is consistency and elegance— both of which can take very different forms. Just ensure you select a complementary colour scheme and choose tasteful pieces of furniture. The key is making sure all elements work together.

Calming colours are typically recommended when choosing a bedroom colour palette. You’ll want to amplify the ‘personal oasis’ atmosphere, and very bright clashing colours are often detrimental to this.

best hotel style bed sheets Parachute - Luxe Digital

5. Finishing touches. Okay, maybe not chocolate on pillows (although why not?). But we’re talking fluffy towel bathrobes, puffed up pillows, and tasteful features like soft-dimming lighting.

Well-placed mirrors also tend to help rooms to appear bigger, if space isn’t on your side. In addition, sophisticated artwork placed thoughtfully on the walls helps to draw the eye and inspire creativity.

These subtle nods borrowed from hoteliers could make a difference in the atmosphere of your bedroom; promoting peace, tranquillity and mental clarity.

Bed Sheets Buyers Guide: how to choose the best bed sheets for your bedroom

Useful tips on selecting materials

Egyptian cotton: Expect a luxurious finish. The fabric is made from extra-long fibres resulting in a soft and smooth feel. It is recommended that you wash them on cold water, gentle cycle. Remove them from the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent creasing. Dry them on a low setting or on a line; high heats may cause shrinkage.

Percale: Typically lightweight and crisp to touch. Percale cotton is great for year-round usage, as the breathable nature of the fabric helps to regulate temperature. Ideally to be washed on a warm cycle with a mild detergent. Gentle drying is recommended with percale, too.

Sateen: Characterised by a soft, luxurious and silken touch, with a slight subtle sheen. Of course, the individual acre guide should be adhered to, however it’s usually safe to wash sateen sheets on a normal, hot cycle. Gentle drying is recommended, as is colour separating.

Flannel: Tends to be more soft and pliant than other bed sheet fabrics. Flannel retains warmth which makes it great for the winter months.

Washing with hot water can encourage unwanted shrinkage and create pilling. Therefore, a warm cycle with a gentle detergent is preferable. To dry, it’s better for the longevity of the sheets if you hang them out to dry on a line, where possible.

Jersey: Jersey bed sheets are usually stretchy and lightweight—traditionally made from 100% wool, but now you’ll find a lot of jersey is a combination of wool, cotton and polyester. 

Good for year-round use, they’re usually quite durable. Therefore, a normal warm wash is ideal. No ironing is necessary, and drip dry or a low tumble-dry is preferable.

Bamboo: The rayon from the bamboo plant is used to create a soft, gentle fabric. Great for those who suffer from sensitive skin— the fabric is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and temperature-regulating.

Ideally, wash on a cold cycle, or no more than 30 degrees. Again, line-drying is beneficial, or a low tumble-dry if this is not possible.

best bed sheets luxury cover set - Luxe Digital

Know your sizes

Navigating bedding sizes can be a bit of a minefield. As is quintessential of American culture, they tend to supersize things… Thus, where a king size bed in the UK is 150 by 200 centimetres (72 by 78 inches), the US standard for a king size is 193 by 203,5 centimetres (76 by 80 inches).

The same trend applies to other bed sizes, too:

A UK queen size bed is 120 by 190 centimetres (60 by 78 inches), whereas a US queen size is 152,5 by 203,5 centimetres (60 by 80 inches).

With double/full size beds; they tend to be 135,5 by 190,5 centimetres (54 by 75 inches) both in the UK and across the pond. That’s one less cause for confusion, at least!

With twin/singles, in the UK the standard is 90 by 190 centimetres (36 by 75 inches), and the US is 96,5 by 190,5 centimetres (39 by 75 inches).

Finally, the Californian king bed: predictably more common in the US, the standard is 183 by 203,5 centimetres (72 by 84 inches).

Check the specific dimensions of your bed and align them with your prospective sheets to ensure they match up.

best linen bed sheets Brooklinen - Luxe Digital

The 5 best luxury bedding brands

Frette: Frette is thought to be as good as it gets when it comes to bedding. Their globally renowned bed linens dress the beds of luxury hotels, royalty and the rich and famous. If you’re committed to the true hotel experience, these could be a worthy investment.

Attention to detail and the highest quality fabrics, plus the prestigious clientele, make Frette a clear winner.

Brooklinen: Brooklinen is a top retailer for high quality crisp, white linen sheets. Their cotton range is worth mentioning, too. Most notable for their lightweight feel, these sheets are designed to soften with each wash.

For classic, timeless quality which will withstand trend fluctuations, Brooklinen could be perfect.

Luxor Linens: Luxor Linens provides a range of popular fabric choices. Their 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are a favourite; made with 100% Egyptian cotton, they promise a super-soft sleep experience. They also have a highly regarded bamboo range, which is good for those with sensitive skin.

Parachute: Parachute is a well-respected brand within the world of bed sheets. Their chosen fabrics tend to be very breathable, whether that’s sateen, percale or linen. They do not use artificial softeners on their sheets, however they seem to maintain a durable softness regardless.

Nectar Sleep: Nectar Sleep is considered well above-average in regard to their bedding. In particular, their 100% cotton sheets are thought to be more breathable than some of their competitors, meaning we consider them a favourite for summer cooling bed sheets.

best luxury bed sheets - Luxe Digital

Frequently asked questions about bed sheets

What are the most luxurious sheets?

Frette are revered for their supreme quality sheets. They’re famed for dressing the beds of royalty, and hugely popular among high-end hoteliers. We also love the Giza 45 Seta collection by Sferra. Bringing classic Italian artistry and style, their made-to-order sheets reflect over a century of expertise.

What are the highest quality bed sheets?

Brooklinen are a strong contender for the highest quality bed sheets. We love their Classic Percale Sheet Bundle, which is crafted from long-staple cotton for a soft, smooth finish. Also OEKO-TEX certified, you can be confident you’re sleeping in chemical-free sheets, too.

What are the best bed sheets to buy?

Brooklinen, Nectar Sleep, Frette, Saatva, Parachute, and Sferra are some of the best bed sheet suppliers on the market this year. See our full ranking of the best bed sheets to buy. We’ve carefully selected brands that pay fastidious attention to their materials, methods and practices.

What kinds of sheets do luxury hotels use?

Frette is a global highflyer for supplying high-end bed sheets to luxury hotels. Not just luxury hotels, though. The brand is proud to state that over 500 European royal families have rested their weary bodies on Frette’s elegant, premium bedding.

What kind of bed sheets are the best?

Depending on what you’re looking for, our list of the best bed sheets details the benefits of the most popular bed sheets on the market. Whether you’re a restless sleeper looking for cooling summer sheets or you’re looking for an authentic luxe hotel finish to your own bedroom, we’ve got it covered.

What is the best thread count for bed sheets?

A good thread count is between 200-800. Higher thread counts are usually better, however it’s important to consider other factors such as type of cotton, ply count, and weave.

What materials are best for bed sheets?

Linen, Egyptian cotton, Percale cotton, sateen, silk, and bamboo are all lightweight materials ideal for good bed sheets. Flannel is also a great option- while still breathable, it retains heat better making it preferable for winter bedding.

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