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It’s a trending topic with Jin, the oldest member of the K-pop boy band turning 30 in 2023.

In 2019 a law revision allowed international K-pop boy band BTS to hold off on their military service until they turn 30 years old. However, according to the defense minister of South Korea, they may still continue performing during their service. The country is currently debating whether to shorten the mandatory military service for K-pop stars from two years to three weeks.

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Military service is mandatory for all able-bodied men from age 18 to 28 as their duty to defend against North Korea. At a parliamentary session, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup said that by giving permission for BTS to perform even during service, the military may serve national interests without affecting the pool of personnel resources as a result of birth rates that are already in decline.

According to Lee, “Even if they join the military, there would be a way to give them a chance to practice and perform together if there are scheduled concerts abroad.” An article from Billboard says that some South Korean politicians have begun to see the K-pop stars as more than typical celebrities. Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration Lee Ki-sik said during a National Assembly hearing in May, “Perhaps it’s necessary to reconsider the system while taking into account the question of fairness and public opinion.”

In the past some were granted exemptions by being allowed to put off or do shorter military service such as Olympics and Asian Games medal winners as well as classical musicians and dancers who have won top prizes. BTS has had such a huge influence on spreading Korean culture globally that the Oxford dictionary has announced in 2021 that it was adding 26 Korean words to its edition.

BTS has been credited as being one of the big influences in spreading Korean culture across the world, with the Oxford dictionary announcing last year it was adding 26 Korean words to its edition. The boy band was the first Asian band to win artist of the year at the American Music Awards in 2021. They also met US President Joe Biden at a White House visit where they raised awareness about discrimination and hate crimes towards Asians.

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