Hong Kong ‘Getting Darker’ as Security Chief Promoted to Second-in-Command, Says China Expert

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The communist Chinese regime is changing the semi-autonomous financial hub of Hong Kong into another mainland Chinese city as Beijing installed security officials as the city’s senior leader, according to a Chinese academic. Chen Kuide, a China scholar and editor-in-chief of the magazine China in Perspective, said the communist regime was replacing officials “incongruous with the hard-line orders, or in other words, Xi’s Hong Kong policies,” suggesting that the city is transforming into another jurisdiction under the regime’s thumb. Chen noted the semi-autonomous city is losing its independent legal system, which had been based on English common law due to its British colonial history, after the enactment of the Beijing-imposed national security law last August. But Hong Kong won its financial reputation based on its valuing the rule of law. “Hong Kong has almost lost its particularity in the world,” Chen said in an interview with The Epoch Times on …

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