Hermès latest Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is dedicated to movement and magic

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The fashion house continues to stun all fashion lovers with its latest AW21 accessories that are going to be a staple in every women’s closet.

A show dedicated to movement and making magic even when stuck in a rut, the Hermès WRTW FW21 show is designed for women on-the-go. Capturing our attention are the minimalistic and practical accessory pieces that truly represent this ideology.  

One of the most compelling questions that Hermès’ Creative Director Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski asked herself while designing the show is “How in these socially distanced times can we continue to be creative and, more importantly, be together despite it all?” A prequel to cavorting fashion presentation by Hermès for their Women’s Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2021 collection was a documentary by Sébastien Lifshitz around the show. The fashion designer further internatises the premise of creativity with “If we cannot go anywhere, if we cannot travel, then the show will have to come to us… And that is how we came to the idea of something beyond an actual, physical performance.”

Her solution to this physical dilemma was a show shot/staged in three different locations – New York, Paris and Shanghai and woven together as a testament of a borderless world for the creative mind. The entire piece went live in different time zones – 8-30 am in New York, 2.30pm in Paris and 9.50pm in Shanghai, while being available to a global audience in a 30 minute thumping video that was akin to seeing a contemporary broadway show.

The performance-centred show begins in New York, at the Armory Show, where choreographer Madeline Hollander will start things off with a free interpretation of the movements gleaned from Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski’s collection.

From there they move on to Paris, the centrepiece of the Hermès WRTW FW21 collection that’s a mix of practicality and whimsy. There were utilitarian jackets, fringed pocho-parkas, minutely pleated midi-skirts, and scarf-print dresses all that were astute yet beautifully constructed.

Finally, the show closes in Shanghai where dancers under the direction of choreographer Gu Jiani will conclude the triptych performance. The three different stages represent Vanhée-Cybulski’s desire for travel in uncomplicated times and women’s ability to create even while being stuck in a rut.

A closer look at the Hermès WRTW FW21 show also reveals intelligent accessory choices that are born out of functionality, desire for movement and of course, pay an ode to the French maison’s classics.

It’s not just a Birkin

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