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We could have never predicted that biker shorts would end up being so popular — and so versatile.

Synonymous with the likes of models off-duty, urban street fashionistas, and even the late Lady Diana, biker shorts have long departed their stomping grounds at the gym and on the bicycle, and made it into the mainstream.

Paired with an oversized t-shirt, a hoodie (yes hiso Bangkokians, we see you), or a crop top if you’re confident, biker shorts have something irresistibly cool about them. They’re so effortless. They’re so sporty chic. They’re so easy to wear – and comfortable to flaunt, too.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite biker shorts of the minute. Whether you use them to actually work out or just head down to the grocery store, none of us here are judging you. We think you look great.

[Hero Image & Featured Image Credit: Tory Sport]

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