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You can only say “can” to these caneles in KL.

It is now easier for you to find caneles in KL and PJ than it was just two years ago, and for that we are thrilled. The tiny French pastry is notoriously challenging to make — the ingredients are simple but the execution is not. All you need are flour, butter, egg yolks, salt, vanilla, and milk, while some recipes call for rum to be added. However, these ingredients have to be combined in a very specific order and left alone overnight before baking the next day.

Then, there’s the mould. You’ll need a fluted tin made of copper as its mould. That gives the pastry its signature shape, and the use of copper is vital for heat to cook the caneles through, giving the pastry its signature hardened crust and solid shape. These copper moulds were traditionally brushed with beeswax for easier removal, but most chefs now prefer butter.

The final result is a thing of beauty. The outer crust is dark in colour with a crunchy texture, but break it open and you’ll see that the insides are soft, tender, and custardy with air pockets. It’s a sweet, slightly sticky pastry that will leave you wanting more. Luckily, we’ve got some recommendations on where you can get your hands on some caneles in KL.

(Hero & featured image credit: Instagram/ @burrow.kl)

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